What are the reasons you might need a lawyer? Most people go through their day to day lives never contemplating that they might need a solicitor…until the moment arises that they do need one. The average person will be able to keep their interactions with lawyers for negative reasons to a bare minimum, but this means that they have little knowledge about which kind of lawyer can help them best in different situations.

You would do well by yourself to do a little research just in case you need a lawyer to help you in the future. It wouldn’t do to hire a divorce lawyer for your personal injury case, and vice versa.

Personal Injury: One of the more common – or at least, well publicised – reasons people need lawyers is due to suffering some kind of injury. An injury can prevent you from working, and this could prevent you from receiving some much-needed income. The physical pain and mental distress resulting from an injury is often enough to warrant the injured person some kind of compensation. Hiring a solicitor to examine your case and you could discover that you deserve a significant amount of money to make up for a significant amount of pain.

Divorce: Another common reason people engage the services of Kilcoyne solicitors is divorce. Today, it is just as likely that a marriage will end in divorce as make it to the golden anniversary. Since money and children are involved, passions can run high during divorce proceedings. It’s not really all that wise to try to handle all of it on your own. Whether you’re in need of mediation, are seeking a collaborative divorce, or are taking your spouse to court, solicitors can offer you valuable advice from start to finish, ensuring you have someone on your side who knows your rights under the law and can help protect you.

Accused of a Crime: Obviously, if you’re suspected or accused of a crime, hiring a lawyer should be one of your first steps. Your guilt or innocence is not really the issue though that will come up over the course of your case. The really big issue is that you have rights even if you are accused of a crime, and even though you could conceivably represent yourself in court, the wisdom of doing so is often scarce. Criminal law solicitors can keep you informed about your rights as the accused, and will fight for you in court.

Lawyers are People Just Like You

Thanks to the mainstream media and popular culture, lawyers do not always have the best reputation. This is really unfortunate because the truth is that they are people just like you, who are knowledgeable about the law and your rights under it. You don’t need to have a solid understanding of the law so long as you hire solicitors who do and will stand by your side from start to finish. Go beyond popular culture and learn just how truly valuable a service lawyers provide to you, your family and your community.