Coronavirus: A senior company official says that due to the pandemic in the auto market, people would like to prefer their own vehicles for commuting. In such a situation, the expectations for the auto market have increased.

South Korean auto company Hyundai Motor India Limited is seeing a ray of hope amidst the coronavirus epidemic.

A senior company official says that due to this epidemic amid sluggishness in the auto market, people will want to give preference to their own vehicles for commuting. In such a situation, the expectations for the auto market have increased. The company is also preparing to increase online sales of its vehicles. Hyundai Motor India Ltd., a wholly-owned entity of the company. (HMIL) is to start the ‘Click to Buy’ program at the national level. It was launched on a pilot basis in the National Capital Region (NCR) during the Auto Expo last month.

Through this program, consumers will not have to go to a crowded dealership to buy a vehicle.

The company has taken several internal measures to protect against coronavirus. This includes taking daily ‘temperature’ of Chennai factory and office workers and visitors there, prohibiting travel abroad. Apart from this, the company has allowed domestic travel only for important business operations.

The company’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer SS Kim said that the outbreak of coronavirus has severely affected the travel, tourism and other manufacturing sectors.

According to PTI’s news, the perception of customers is already weak due to the slowdown in the economy. He said that there is also some positivity in terms of vehicle manufacturers. Kim said that today everyone wants a safe place, distance from society. The house is the first safe place and the car is probably the second most secure place.

Kim said, “We have heard from our colleagues that people who did not want to buy cars till recently are changing their minds.”

They want to be in their separate vehicle on the road. Asked how the company will take care of the customers who do not want to come to the crowded showroom. Kim said that we have already issued a consultation to our dealers regarding cleanliness. They have been told to talk to customers from a distance of at least five meters so that they can feel safe.

He said that with this Hyundai is expanding its digital sales channel ‘Click to Buy’.

Through this, the entire process of buying a car can be completed. This includes everything from research to test drives, finance, insurance and delivery. Asked how long it will be ready, Kim said that its pilot trials have already been done in the Delhi region. It will be available nationally in the next few weeks.