Every mom wants to feed her baby only breast milk, but sometimes it is not possible for various reasons. In such a situation, baby food comes to the rescue. However, if the baby is prone to being allergic to it, it puts the new parents in a state of shock. You should not panic because modern manufacturers have taken this situation into account and released hypoallergenic baby formula.

There is a huge range of such baby food on the market, and sometimes it is challenging for parents to choose the right one.

What is the difference between a hypoallergenic formula and others? Which one is better? In order to answer these questions, it is necessary to understand what the HA formula is?

What is a Hypoallergenic Formula?

Most baby formulas are based on cow’s milk. It seems that milk simply can not be dangerous for the baby because everyone knows it is an essential ingredient in an infant’s diet! But actually, cow’s milk is not easy to digest for an immature baby’s stomach. In addition, milk protein is the most common allergen, which causes various adverse reactions not only in babies but also in adults. Egg white and gluten as ingredients of most baby formulas may also cause allergic reactions.

Therefore, baby food manufacturers are trying to adapt their products for better digestion by the baby’s body. Thus, on the shelves of stores, parents can find a variety of baby formulas, including hypoallergenic formulas. Most often, consumers point to a general improvement in the child’s health, reducing the symptoms of allergic reactions. The hypoallergenic formula can be prescribed only by a pediatrician based on particular medical grounds.

How is the HA formula different from the regular one?

Hypoallergenic baby formula has other components in its composition. As a rule, there are no natural milk proteins in it. It is specially formulated so as not to provoke allergic reactions in a baby’s body, and it can be used for treatment, in remission, and as a preventive measure.

HIPP HA Formula

Scientists and doctors have recently encountered a significant increase in allergic diseases in adults and children. Undoubtedly, the best protection against allergies is breast milk. It should be remembered that food allergens are particularly dangerous for babies in the first months of life. Cow’s milk proteins in infant formulas are the main allergy triggers in babies. That is why HIPP specialists have developed a unique hypoallergenic formula for feeding babies prone to allergies: HIPP HA is suitable for newborns and Hipp HA stage 2 – for babies from six months.

These hypoallergenic formulas are designed for:

  • preventive nutrition of babies at risk of food allergies
  • dietetic nutrition of infants with mild and moderate intolerance to cow’s milk proteins and soy
  • babies with chronic problems of digestion caused by various diseases

Parents should remember that the most critical point in making the right choice is to visit a pediatrician who will recommend infant HA formula based on the baby’s individual needs.

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