You’ve finalized the lease, you’ve found a new tenant, and the process is almost complete. The final last step of making your tenant feel welcome is adding the icing on the cake.

Completing this process is exciting for both of you; it’s an accomplishment. As a landlord, you want your new tenants to be comfortable in their new space.

So, what is that last step of putting this into action? Provide a welcome pack.

If you’re unsure how to go about this, keep reading for a shortlist of what to include in your welcome pack to keep your tenant smiling.

New Tenants

Having a good relationship with your tenant shows them you appreciate them. This relationship creates a healthy, open line of communication line. Making them feel welcome is a great easy way to start this relationship.

Anytime someone acquires a new rental property, it’s a hectic process for everyone involved. When the tenant finally arrives in their new space, nothing gets that sign of relief like a warm, welcoming package from your new landlord.

The Welcome Pack

Keep in mind; this doesn’t have to be anything super fancy or costly. A great way to start your welcome pack is by writing a short letter. Let your new tenants know you’re excited about their arrival.

The Letter

The letter could also include an outline as a reminder of some important information they need to know about the rental property or lease. This can include:

  • Utility instructions
  • Payment due dates
  • How and where to make payments
  • Trash/recycling protocol
  • Junction box location
  • Emergency contacts and local emergency services
  • Local restaurants, grocery, convenience stores

It also doesn’t hurt to include a copy of the lease agreement to serve as a resource for the new tenants to reference and remind them of what they agreed to.

A Gift

In addition to the letter and a copy of the lease, a small welcome gift should be added to the back. A bottle of wine, a bouquet, or a sweet treat is all standard customary gifts to give someone when they move into a new place.

Something small to show your appreciation for your new tenants goes a long way.

A Checklist

It may be helpful for you, the landlord, and the new tenants to have a checklist of what they need to do to settle in. This could include agreements made between the landlord and renters. Include information like when the lease ends, what they are allowed to change in the home, eviction grounds, and other factors; for more information on what to include in a checklist, visit this site.

If you are interested in renting a new property, use this rental application for more information to include on your application.

Communication is Key

Overall, you want to have a mutually beneficial relationship between yourself and your new tenants. Making them feel welcome in their new property is a great way to get the ball rolling on this relationship.

Providing your new tenants with some essential information in a letter, a small welcome gift, and a checklist will help them feel at ease and let them know your expectations.