In today’s hectic world, everyone needs a place to relax and recharge their batteries. If you have a house with even a small garden, you have a ready-made haven just waiting for a few additions to make it the perfect relaxation or entertainment area for your family.

1. Garden Furniture

If you already have garden furniture such as a porch, deck or swing, you might simply need to spruce them up with a coat of paint or varnish. Otherwise, you could install one or more of these fixtures or invest in an outdoor set of attractive table and chairs.

Another great addition to garden furniture is a hot tub. Sitting in the warm, soothing and bubbling water is extremely relaxing after a hard day at work; entertaining friends with everybody sitting in the water is very popular and sophisticated.

You could add a gazebo or wooden enclosure to the hot spa to protect it from the elements and to provide shelter from the hot sun.

Garden Furniture with Hot Tub

2. Choose Plants Wisely

Suitable plants form a very important part of a relaxing garden. Choose plants that are lush but low maintenance; you do not want to have to prune, shape and tend to these plants all the time.

Evergreen hedges that don’t grow too high on the edges of your garden give privacy and are green throughout the year. Flowering plants increase the enjoyment of your garden; you could even add some easy-to-grow vegetables to make your garden practical as well.

Have at least one cosy corner with easy chairs where you can read or snooze during long summer afternoons. Make sure there are some shady trees to cut out the heat. Perhaps there could be a sandpit for the younger members of the family.

3. Fire Pit

A fire pit, whether fixed or portable, is wonderful for entertaining guests or supplying some heat on chilly evenings. With chairs or benches around and some colourful cushions, this could become the favourite spot in your garden.

A fire pit means you could cook on it in summer, avoiding a hot and stuffy kitchen. When entertaining, friends can roast their hot dogs or marshmallows on it.

Fire Pit

4. Water Features

There are few things as relaxing as the sound of trickling water, such as a water feature in a quiet corner. Not only is this soothing, but it will attract birds; their delightful chirping ought to increase your enjoyment. If you have space for a large feature, you could add a few fish and water lilies to the pond.

5. Music

Install all-weather speakers in the garden or make sure your indoor speakers have cords that are long enough to reach outside.

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