The word “Pandora” is synonymous with a lot of things in the world of fine jewelry, including personalized bracelets built from a wide array of beautiful charms. The downside is, as the bracelets’ popularity grows more and more counterfeiters are finding ways to reproduce them for their own profit.

This is therefore forcing shoppers to wonder about authenticity; a problem that is especially prevalent where Pandora, and other major brands of charms are concerned. It is therefore important to learn how to spot a fake Pandora charm to avoid making mistakes and spending your money on counterfeit jewelry produced by the copycats and scammers.

7 Indicators a Pandora Charm May be Fake

  • 1. The Missing Crown
    Newer pieces have a crown over the “O”. A look at how “Pandora” is written on the official website will help shoppers to understand what it should look like. Also, the “O” is found on the barrel of the clasp.
  • 2. Sterling Silver Without a Number 925 stamp
    International standards require classification of silver jewelry which is where the number 925 comes from. This is a little harder to duplicate, so ensure that all sterling silver jewelry is marked with number 925 and that it looks like the markings on known pieces of authentic Pandora jewelry.

Fake Pandora Jewelry

  • 3. No Number 585 on Gold Pieces
    As with the sterling silver, this marking is done as in recognition of an internationally accepted standard for gold jewelry. It is also another indicator of authenticity however, you should look out for sloppy jobs since counterfeiters are getting better.
  • 4. Interior Threading
    In many cases people who duplicate the Pandora brand fail to reproduce the threading on the inside of the charms. Besides being an indicator; the threading also aids ease of use which is its primary purpose although there are other reasons for it.
  • 5. ALE Marking
    This is an engraving found on all Pandora pieces. Please note that this is also an aspect that copycats are increasingly trying to replicate, so be very thorough when assessing it. Also, it is usually found near the 585 or 925 marking.
  • 6. Low Prices
    This is a non-visual factor that is often the first red flag and the main reason some people get tricked. The fact is many official authorized Pandora retailers such as the ones in the US do not have the authority to mark down prices. The price that Pandora stockists can sell the goods at is dictated by Pandora themselves. This means cheap pieces are most likely fakes because they often cost much less than the original directly from the company.
  • 7. Use a Bit of ‘Common Sense’ by comparing to Authentic Pieces of Jewelry
    It’s hard to learn how to spot a fake Pandora charm without prior knowledge of the brand and what it offers. For this reason it’s best to peruse the official site to see what it sells, how they look and what distinguishing marks they have. You can then compare side-by-side photos or eliminate an option if you know Pandora doesn’t offer it. The best way however is to get familiar with the touch, feel, weight and basic details to increase your ability to judge the ones you come across.

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