If the time has come for a new waterbed, there’s a good chance you can sell your old one for a decent price. This is particularly true if your old softside waterbed is still in excellent condition. By using a combination of different strategies, you can reach value minded consumers who are interested in the bed and willing to pay the asking price.

Assessing the Condition of the Bed

If you want to sell your softside waterbed for the best possible price, it is important to accurately evaluate its current condition. Take the time to look closely at every piece of equipment involved. Ideally, the mattress should be in excellent condition, with no stress marks along the seams or signs of other damage. The mattress cover that fits over the top of the waterbed mattress should also be clean and free from any type of stains. Don’t forget to check the foam rails that hold the mattress in position. Check those closely for any signs of wear or tear that would indicate the need for replacement.

Examining the foundation for the bed is also very important. Check the frame for any signs of sagging along the middle, or any damage to the infrastructure that supports the platforms. Make a note of any scratches or dents along the surface and sides of the wood foundation. You may find that taking the time to stain those scratches and dents will make them less noticeable and increase the resale value of your bed.

softside waterbed
Softside Waterbed – flickr photo by Cheezez

Using Local Advertising Strategies  

There are a number of ways to advertise your softside waterbed without paying a cent. Some retailers provide bulletin boards near the entrance of their establishments, allowing customers to post small ads for household items they want to sell. Check with your local supermarket or a couple of locally owned restaurants. There’s a good chance you can prepare an ad for the bed on an index card and post it without having to pay anything.

Don’t overlook local publications that accept ads from individuals without assessing a fee. Publications of this type are often weekly and will include everything from personals ads to promoting upcoming yard sales. Typically, there will be sections related to household items that people wish to sell. Draft a simple ad containing all the essential information, including the asking price. Make sure to deliver the ad to the publisher in time for the next issue.

Advertising in the classified section of the local newspaper may cost a small amount, but it will allow you to reach a larger number of people. Factor the cost of the ad into your asking price for the softside waterbed and you’ll still be able to realize the amount of return you had originally planned.

Work With a Consignment Shop   

If there is a consignment shop nearby that sells furniture, consider working with the shop owner to sell your waterbed. This approach allows your bed to be set up for inspection by potential buyers. keep in mind that the shop owner will require a percentage of the final purchase price as the fee for selling the bed, so set the pricing to be competitive but still enough to make the effort worthwhile.

Take to the Internet   

Along with local print publications, don’t overlook the potential to market your waterbed online. There are a number of web sites that accept advertisements geared toward specific geographic sites. Most of them will feature the larger cities in each state. If you live in or near one of those cities, you can often post your waterbed ad at no charge. Interested parties can respond by clicking on a confidential link on the advertisement and sending an email through the site’s network. If you like the offer, you can always respond directly to the buyer. Keep in mind that most of these sites will require that you register and set up an account before accepting your first advertisement.

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