Saving money with an efficient MPG vehicle is not as easy as just buying one. You must take care and think about how you’re driving your vehicle. If you don’t you can seriously lower the efficiency of the engine.

Aggressive driving

Speeding, accelerating quickly, and breaking all waste gas. In fact you can lower your gas mileage by more than 30% when you drive at freeway speeds. Every vehicle is slightly different but the optimal speed for the best miles per gallon is less than 50 mph. According to fuel for every 5mph you drive over 50mph you’re paying an additional $.27 per gallon.

Weight matters

In addition to driving aggressively for speeding, having excess weight in your vehicle can also decrease fuel economy. For every extra 100 pounds in your car you can reduce your efficiency by more than 2%. So take all the unnecessary stuff out of the trunk to improve the weight of your vehicle.


Idling can use lots of extra fuel. Especially if you’re sitting there with your air-conditioner on.  turn the car off when you are parked because it only takes a little bit of fuel to turn your vehicle back on, as opposed to an idling vehicle consuming much more fuel.

Cruise control

Using cruise control can increase your MPGs and save money because you avoid using the gas pedal. Maintaining a constant speed will help you save gas.

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How to Save Money with MPGs

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