How to replace a pull-down attic stairway: measure the rough opening of your new stairwell and correspondingly measure the rough opening of your old stairway. Cut the new staircase piece according to the measurements and mark it on the surface with a pencil. Remove the screws from both ends of the staircase. Use a level to make sure that the surface is level. If need be, use a stud finder in order to ensure the alignment of the new stairwell.

Screw the top edge of the new tread into the corner piece. This will serve as a guide for the tread depth during installation. You can choose to replace only the treads or the entire tread.

To install the handrails, first attach the bottom end of the new stairwell piece to the tread. Then, install the handrail. Attach it securely to the wall by using the nails supplied with it. If this is the first installation, you may want to use an inlay of thin boards between the wall and the tread in order to avoid splitting the tread. After installing the handrail, glue the corners and then screw the bottom to secure it.

How To Replace a Pull Down Attic Stairs

If the staircase is already installed, there is no need to cut the new tread because it can already be done. However, if it is necessary to cut the tread because it is not straight or because the existing tread is not stable, you can still install it by cutting the newly created one. Just follow the same steps above.

How to replace a pull-down attic stairway is also important to know how to measure for it. Measure the width and length of your stairway according to its direction. You also need to measure the distance between each of the rungs for it to fit on the floor properly. To install the new stairway, start by attaching the new stairway to the wall. Hold the top end firmly and slide it down until it touches the ground.

The next step of how to replace a pull-down attic stairway is actually the installation itself. Hold on to the newly created tread and slowly but forcefully lower it until it touches the floor. Make sure that the newly created tread is level. If not, you may have to add some additional cement between the tread and the ground.

Replacing an exisiting attic stair

For more stability, you may install a baluster bar. Just make sure that the bar is mounted to the wall securely. It will keep the stairway in place as well as keeping any children from getting injured. To mount the baluster bar, you need to attach it using the screws that are provided with the kit. Then, you need to install the handrail as well as the railing.

How to replace a pull-down attic stairway is not very difficult. In fact, it can be done by practically anyone who knows how to use a screwdriver. It may take you a bit more time and effort, but the whole process should only take you about an hour or two. Once installed, you can begin enjoying your newly updated living space.

Before starting, you need to make sure that you have all of the necessary hardware ready. Attic stairs usually consist of a handrail and a stairway railing. These two components especially need to be installed carefully. The handrail needs to be installed according to the specifications provided by the manufacturer. You also need to measure the distance between each corner and mark the corners with the stud finder.

How to Replace a Pull-Down Attic Staircase

After installing the handrail and railing, the next step is to install the tread. You should choose a nice style of tread. Remember that you should match the style and color of the rest of the house. If you have enough time, you can also install an additional stairway between the first and the second floor of your home.

In order to know how to replace a pull-down attic stairway, it is important for you to know the correct measurements. Take note that the distance between the top and bottom of the stairs should be at least five feet. If there is a door on the stairway, make sure that it can open and close. You need to measure the door’s width as well as its height.

Once the distance between the top and bottom of the stairs is measured, you should mark the wall. The next thing you need to do is to drill the hole. After drilling the hole, you should screw the new tread into the wall. Make sure that you attach the handrail and stair railing.

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