You have decided to move from your house or flat and you want everything to move by as smoothly as possible. Then you have come right. I will give you some advice on how to make your moving as pain free as you want.

A few weeks before your move you should start thinking about what to get rid of and what not. Donate old mattresses, rugs or chairs that you will no longer have use for or recycle broken telephones or couches. The earlier you start doing this the slower you can work and don’t risk doing anything rash. Also, list everything that you are going to move with you and keep track on everything.

If you are going to hire a removal company or a man with a van you should start looking for one like a month in advance or at least start to compare them until you have three finalists. Those three you should go through and see who makes the most of your move for the best price. Ask them what is included in the price, if they have insurance and take that out on your more delicate and expensive things.

When starting packing you should have in mind that boxes will get filled rather fast so you should really have somewhere to store them either if it is in your own garage, basement or a self-storage unit. Just make sure you pack in a controlled pace and always label the boxes. Some other things you can do are to use up everything that you probably won’t bring with you like soap, cleaning supplies and food. Early in the process it is good to do all the important things like changing your address in your local post office, pay off bills and such so that you have as little as possible connecting you with your old life.

How to Prepare Yourself for the Move

You should get a picture of your new home and plan where to put everything, it is not smart to bring all the boxes and things into your new home and not have a perfectly stable idea of where to put everything. Plus it is a great way to get to know your new neighborhood. Also this is a great opportunity to prepare your new home, to clean it out or paint doors, windows or walls. Check out the electricity, water pressure, gas etc. and see if everything works as it should do. Is there anything that needs to be removed or changed? Things like this are great to do about a month before you move in so that everything is prepared for the big day.

Also, cleaning out your old house and its items are also a good idea. So when picking up the rugs, cloths, curtains and such you should send them to the dry cleaners.

Now, the day is getting closer and you are almost finished packing, you have booked a removal company, you have arranged baby – and animal sitters, gathered all the important files and documents, backed up your computers in case they crash during the move, defrosted the freezer and made a schedule for the moving day.

It seems like you have everything under control. Always remember to be out in good time and keep a slow pace.

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