Who doesn’t like sushi? Eating sushi is always a fun way to get together with friends and socialize. Throwing a sushi party at home can be very affordable, but it can also be a bit intimidating. The key to successfully making sushi at home is the preparation.

The first important ingredient you need is fresh sushi grade fish. Make sure to keep your company’s preference in mind when you are selecting the fish. The most traditional sushi item is tuna or maguro, everyone loves tuna.  When you buy fresh yellowfin tuna the piece will come in a large steak portion from the loin of the fish.

This big triangular piece of seafood can be quite hard to imagine as delicate pieces of sashimi so you will need some instruction on how to break it down for sushi. Keep in mind that technique is definitely needed for cutting the tuna but you will also want a very sharp sushi knife as well.

First, you will start with a thick steak of fresh sushi grade yellowfin tuna maguro. You want to slice off the top triangle piece about an inch and a half from the top of the steak. This piece is the most tender part of the loin.

Next you can measure your second cut which should be about another inch down the steak. Make sure not to saw through the fish but instead use one nice long stroke. This piece is also very tender because it is closer to the spine of the ahi. Here you can notice the sinew line that runs through the meat down to the skin. With the last thick piece of the tuna you want to cut down the middle of the steak. Stop the cut right before you hit the skin and cut the meat off horizontally.

You can see how clean the piece comes out, then use the same technique with the other side of the fish so that you have two nice strips of yellowfin tuna. With the last little piece remaining you can take a spoon and scrape the remaining meat off the tendons. Scraping the meat next to the tendon with a spoon makes the meat very tender which is perfect to mix with sriracha. This portion can be used to make a spicy tuna roll.

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How To Prepare Sushi Grade Tuna

Catalina Offshore Products is a seafood company based in San Diego that processes and ships sushi grade fish nationwide, where sushi products can be purchased fresh or frozen and delivered to your home. We operate local fishing boats that follow sustainable fishing guidelines in order to preserve our ocean and are full-time participants of California State’s Marine Life Protection Act.

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