When it comes to eating out, your customers have a lot of choices – so how do you keep them coming back to your restaurant or bar? It is your job to make your restaurant stand out from the competition by creating a rich atmosphere and providing awesome service. No matter how great your food is, your patrons will not return to your venue unless you go above and beyond. Everything from restaurant furniture like unique and personalised Bentwood chairs to the friendliness of your staff counts.

Here are three surefire ways to make your restaurant or bar stand out from your competitors:

1. Establish a Theme

Ask yourself what type of message it is that you would like to send to your customers about the atmosphere and personality of your restaurant. The theme that you choose for your restaurant should stand out to your patrons and match with your menu. For example, if the food that you serve is home-style comfort food, it would be strange for you to decorate your restaurant with high-end art and fancy furniture. The goal is to create an atmosphere that expresses what you are all about whether that is fine dining, modern, family oriented, etc. When you make sure that everything flows, you will truly stand out and cater to the crowd you would most like to attract.

How to Make Your Restaurant Stand Out

2. Pick the Right Furniture

If you want your customers to enjoy their time at your restaurant, it is important that you select chairs and tables that are both attractive and comfortable. Bentwood chairs are great for this because they come in a wide range of styles from classic to modern, and all provide optimal comfort to restaurant patrons. Making sure that the style of your table and chairs are in line with the general ambiance and theme of your establishment is also important. Lastly, be sure that the seating in your waiting area is spacious and comfortable so that you don’t lose customers during peak dinner hours.

3. Provide Superior Service

The service that your customers receive will be a huge part of their experience, and they will share it with their friends. Beyond training your staff to provide the best dining experience to your patrons, you can set yourself apart by offering special services. By allowing designated areas to be reserved for large parties, for example, you are opening yourself to even more business opportunities. Lady’s nights, daily specials, drink specials, and more can also add to the perceived value of your restaurant’s services. Another great way to draw in customers is to provide added services and fun like karaoke or trivia nights. Thinking outside of the box is your best bet to standing out.

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