Having big arms and a perfectly toned body is every man’s dream. In fact women always dream about having a man who has a good body which makes him look strong and dependable. A good body consists of big arms, nice biceps and toned triceps.

There are many ways to get bigger arms and these may include doing many kinds of physical exercises and using several gym equipments. Apart from doing proper exercises, a man also needs to follow a nutritious diet and a healthy food routine.

The best things one can do in order to get bigger biceps is either weighted chin ups or weighted close grip chin ups. It is important to understand that big arms consist of both working on the biceps as well as the triceps because triceps account for 70% of the arm size.

The smartest way to get bigger biceps and brachialis at the same time is by doing parallel pull-ups with palms lining each other and doing hammer curls by cladding your palms. If you are interested in shaping your forearms, then you must indulge in farmers walk, heavy wrist roller, wrist curls and reverse wrist curls and hammer curls and reverse curls.

To grow arms quickly, one must keep in mind that the load on the biceps and triceps must be increased in addition to carrying out heavy lifts.

The infographic will give clear information about different exercises that must be performed in order to get bigger arms.

How to Get Bigger Arms Workout Plans

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