Health IT is a great career for those that want to be in the healthcare field, but don’t want to work with patients one-on-one. It’s also a position that allows for advancement. Once you’ve got a basic education, you can work in an entry field career while advancing your education.

In the end, you will have achieved a position that could allow you to work for yourself.

Complete a Bachelor’s Degree Program

Each employer will have different requirements, but most entry-level consulting jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. You should major in information technology or computer science and minor in business, accounting, or another area that will help you succeed in your desired position. When choosing science courses, you should also focus on classes such as physiology.

Obtain an Entry-Level Career

Entry-level careers will usually revolve around research or analytical aide. The important thing is to gain work experience from these jobs. You must have good written and communication skills, but furthering your education while working in an entry-level career will allow you move ahead.

Healthcare IT Consultant

Get Your Master’s Degree

A MBA in Information Systems can help you advance in your career. While attending college, it also helps to attend as many computer science conferences as possible and stay current with the latest technology advancements. More importantly, you need to be able to prove to businesses that you are a self-starter and won’t need constant supervision.

Become Certified

The first certification to obtain is the certification from the Institute of Management Consultants USA, Inc. The certifications offered are based on your education, experience, and customer feedback. Another certification you should obtain is the Certified Management Consultant certification which involves passing an exam covering the IMC’s Code of Ethics. This certification covers privacy laws that those in the healthcare industry must abide by. You will need to be re-certified every three years.

Rise Up the Ladder

Once you have a master’s degree, certifications, and years of experience you can start pursuing a career as a senior healthcare IT consultant. Some of those with this career choose to be self-employed. In this career, it will be your job to manage projects and oversee a team of workers.

The career of a healthcare IT consultant is one that requires education and experience in order to move up the ladder. However, it’s well worth the time. This is a growing field and is estimated to keep growing. Once you achieve your bachelor’s degree, gain as much experience as you can before earning your master’s degree, becoming certified, and pursuing the career of a senior healthcare IT consultant.

Jone Climes spent a great deal of time researching health information technology occupations while she was obtaining her first IT certifications. She now works for a large hospital chain and manages their information security departments.

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