When you renovate your room you will probably be aware of the amount of time it’s going to take, that it’s likely to cost a fair bit of money, and that you’ll probably find it quite stressful not being able to use the room for a while and having lots of junk and maybe plaster all around the room. While this is a big undertaking however, the result are hopefully going to be worth the toil, and at least you’re prepared for those kinds of inconveniences.

However what you may be less prepared for is just how physical this all can be and how much hard work is involved in moving furniture and pulling up carpet yourself. Before you begin then you need to make sure that you’re going to be up to it, but at the same time you also need to prepare your body and generally practice the right technique in order to ensure that you aren’t going to injure yourself in the process by slipping a disk or getting a hernia. Here we will look at how to move your furniture without causing such damage to yourself.

Lift from the Legs

This is something of a cliché that we’ve all heard before but it certainly is important to remember. If you pick up an item from the ground by bending over, clasping your hands around it, then standing upright and trying to bring it with you, then that’s an immense amount of pressure that’s focussed directly on the bottom of your spine and it’s a recipe for disaster. What you are instead meant to do is to squat down in front of the item, get your hands on it, and then push up through your legs to stand. The idea is that during this process your back remains entirely straight the whole time.

Disposing of Old Furniture

Hold From Underneath

Whatever it is that you are picking up you need to ensure that you hold it by having your hands firmly underneath. This is important because it will prevent the item slipping which is not only a sure fire way to hurt yourself (because it might land on you), but also a sure fire way to damage your item and possibly even your property.

If you have rented skip bins or a truck that you are going to haul the unwanted items into, then you should make sure you don’t hold them over your head to throw and that you push them from behind to get the power.

Get Help

Two heads are better than one, and four hands are much better than two. Whatever it is you’re lifting, having someone else to hold the other end will reduce the chance of an accident and it will mean that you’re lifting half of the amount of weight. If something seems like it may be too heavy, then assume that it is and wait until you have someone to help you.


Stretching is also very important if you want to avoid hurting yourself and can help you to limber up your muscles and tendons to avoid pulling or tearing them. Don’t go straight into a lift cold – a weightlifter wouldn’t and they’re the pros!

The article is shared by freelance writer, Lisa Clarke who works with Junk removal company.

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