If social popularity is a factor influencing your choice of colleges, you might find it interesting to explore the top rankings in social media circles as you think about your future. There is little surprise that Harvard ranks especially high in both Facebook and Twitter followings. With nearly two million likes, the Harvard Facebook page leads its nearest competitor in likes, LSU, by more than one million.

This isn’t surprising, though, since the platform was developed by Harvard students. Harvard also tops the list of colleges represented on Twitter in its following with 151,659 followers. Its close competitor is University of Phoenix with 149,481 followers.

Harvard drops to third place on Google+ while Stanford takes the top spot with 10,760 followers. Stanford also holds the top place in terms of YouTube views with 45,118,299 views. Texas A&M holds the top spot on Pinterest with 3,255 followers. Klout scores, determined by a variety of actions in various social networking settings, place Harvard in the lead with Stanford second in overall social media influence.

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How the Top Social Colleges Rank in Social Media

Source: TopCollegesOnline.org

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