Running appliances around the home consumes a huge proportion of household energy so investing in energy saving home appliances and ensuring that you use them wisely can save you money and significantly contribute to a more environmentally friendly home.

Power Monitors

By communicating where, when and how much electricity is being used around your home, power monitors could save you up to 30% on your energy bills. Plug-load power monitors are plugged into a socket and a single device is then connected to the monitor, allowing it to calculate the energy a particular device is consuming in real time and, by inputting your electricity rate, it will also tell you how much that is costing you to run when in use. Without first being aware of all the facts, it is impossible to judge which appliances are energy guzzlers and potentially need to be replaced by energy efficient appliances or simply used more efficiently.

Energy Ratings

Look for the ENERGY STAR logo on appliances, which means that they have reached the highest level of efficiency on the market. Energy rating labels also allow you to quickly compare the energy efficiency of different appliances using a star rating system, as well being informed of the approximate energy consumption based on typical use.

Energy Efficient Home Appliances

Energy Efficient Technology

Today’s technology has vastly improved the energy efficiency of household appliances, enabling them to work to their highest capacity, saving you money and reducing greenhouse gases. Smart refrigerators sense changes in outside temperature and even monitor your daily habits so that it can adjust the flow of cold air to maintain optimum temperatures. Freezers are now available with frost-free technology so that they continue to work efficiently without manual defrosting. Induction cooktops win hands down when it comes to energy efficiency – as they only heat the pan, no energy is wasted. Clever washing machines calculate the precise amount of water needed for the load, avoiding water wastage and high-tech dishwashers now offer a range of wash options depending on the size of the load and the amount of grease and grime on the dishes.

Appliance Energy Saving Tips

Size really does matter when it comes to saving energy. Whether you’re looking at dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators or washing machines, only buy the size your household needs or you will find yourself wasting energy by running a half-empty fridge, half loads in washing appliances, and heating a large oven to cook a small amount of food. Make sure there is room behind, beside and above your refrigerator to allow air to circulate and don’t place it next to an oven, cooktop or in a suntrap. Avoid opening your oven door when cooking unless absolutely necessary as the oven has to then work that much harder to maintain the temperature. Washing clothes on a cold setting or at 30? can save an enormous amount of energy and is just as efficient at removing dirt. For further tips, check out Fisher & Paykel energy saving advice.

Home appliances can consume a vast amount of energy so be energy conscious and save money by choosing energy efficient appliances and using them wisely.

Article credit: Fisher & Paykel Appliances Limited

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