Are you inviting some special guests to stay over at your place next month? Are you worried about the preparation and arrangement of your living space or the food menus? Have you been searching for ideas to make an impressionable environment for them?

Well, you don’t need to stress yourself out with anything, because we have the perfect guidelines for you to make the most of the much-anticipated moments.

But let us first figure out what are the things that could contribute to creating a finest and memorable experience for someone. Many people make a lot of effort in beautifying their interior by installing curtains or vibrant wallpapers, place several decorative items, rearrange their furniture or apply new paints.

Surprisingly, by the time your guest steps inside to have a view of all of these things, the impression is already made. This is because it is your exterior that leaves them either impressed or clueless. So, you should make the exterior, the center of attention if you want to be applauded for your home’s look.

But, to do so, you need to look at some exterior makeover ideas to make up your mind. Let’s explore some amazing and innovative ways to transform your home.

1. Shade Sails

Shade sails are undoubtedly one of the most unique ideas to impress your guest at their first sight. While shade sails may usually be installed at the patio, these can also be placed over your balcony or terrace. These are available in many vibrant colors and have a genuine appeal to them. Fixed above your roof, shade sails are perhaps the first thing that anyone approaching your front door notices. Some people choose to install these at the very entrance, as this can make the visitor feel comfortable. When the scorching sun is on top, the guests can enjoy standing under the shade until you reach your entrance to welcome them.

2. Paint The Colors of Your Life

When we talk about transforming your exterior then there is nothing simpler and appealing than a fresh coat of paint. When you are doing so, pay special attention to the original architecture to give it the right look. If done intelligently, paint can add to the home’s value and fetch good money on a resale. When applying the paint, remember that it shouldn’t be farther from the theme on the interior or otherwise it would look out of touch. You can choose a soothing tone that is easy on the eyes, whether it is brighter or lighter. Also, the color tone should be in contrast with the decorative items, so that these complement each other and produce the desired effect.

3. Use Trendy Colors

Speaking of colors, you might be surprised to know that grey is no more the most preferred of colors, though not completely out of fashion. If you still choose grey, pick charcoal grey as it is still a trendy tone. But whichever color you choose, do not opt for pinkish or yellowish colors. Some experts and architects recommend long-lasting colors, or you do not have to change too soon. This is especially advised for those looking to sell their house. But the fact is, the use of bold colors is persistent simply because they have a stronger impact and lasting appeal.

4. Consider Large Windows

When we talk about windows, then ‘the bigger, the better’ seems to be a suitable phrase. Smaller or fewer windows may fail to get the attention of the viewer and sometimes, might even be a turn-off. On the other hand, large windows can add a new dimension to the exterior. Also, if your windows were not energy efficient previously, now is your chance to start reaping the benefits of the sunlight and cut down on your power bills. Based on your architecture, you can also choose a bay window or picture window to make it look eye-catching and appealing.

5. Light Away the Darkness

No matter what measures you take to beautify your exterior, you will not be able to highlight them unless you put up some lights. Some bright and smartly placed lights will illuminate your facade and make it look vibrant regardless of the time of the day or night. Speaking of lights, you can choose from several trendy styles to make your home look stylish, such as side lamps or lanterns. You don’t have to turn all of the lights on at once, but rather use a combination of them to create a perfect ambiance. You must also make the path leading to your house appropriately lit to make sure your guests are impressed and can find a way to the house easily when it is dark.

6. Invest in the Walkway

If you want to make your home look stunning, then there is no harm in investing in the walkway too. The pathway could be widened to make it comfortable to walk on. Styles such as concrete or stone paving are trendy and make it a nice experience for the visitors. If you want to opt for a more economical solution, you can get gravel or mulch for the walkway. Also, some wooden seating on the walkway can increase your home’s aesthetic appeal and provide the guests with some added comfort. You can also choose to install small, decorative lamps alongside the seats to illuminate them and create a visual value.

7. Replace Doors and Shutters

If you want to change the look of your exterior altogether, you should consider replacing the doors to your front and the garage. Also, it is important to replace shutters because,by default, these are outdated and non-contemporary. Just because you deem shutters to be important does not mean that they should detract the guests from the home’s appearance. If you could replace your existing shutters with some brick-style ones, it will make them look attractive and in-fashion.

8. Get Some Fencing Done

Fencing is long seen as a way of securing the residence, and that’s what their primary purpose is. That is why they have always been ‘in demand’. But these can truly add to and complement your curb appeal. Wooden fencing is not only attractive, but it can truly define your style and property. But, of course, affordability should top our priority list. So the smart thing to do here is to install some vinyl fencing. These will serve your residence for long because they require little maintenance. Any durable or stylish fencing is also bound to increase the value of the house for a resale.

9. Don’t Forget the Chimney

While the chimney may be overlooked in most instances, these can make a powerful impact on the exterior’s renovation. A nice chimney cap can transform the look of your roof-line. You can choose from several styles to do so, but a stone cap of decorative nature can turn some heads. In terms of durability, you can simply replace the existing one with one made of copper. Especially, if you are looking to block the wind.

10. Go Green

Nature has an appeal to our senses like nothing else. Some strategically planted trees or nicely cropped bushes along the walkway or near the front door can beautify your exterior and make it soothing and comfy. Do not forget to plant some grass along the walking path too. By going green, you will be able to turn your home’s environment healthy, besides beautifying it.

Final Words

For any sort of home makeover, the exterior makeover is the thing to begin the gigantic task with. Makeover ideas do not have to be expensive, but a little creativity and smart use of color tones and styles can help do the job easily. If you are looking to give your property a new look and an amazing resale value, following the aforementioned tips can help you give life to your ideas.