In the times of all things wireless and Bluetooth-connectible, an increasing number of people are turning to hi tech entertainment solutions to pass their spare time indoors. Whether or not you are an avid gamer or keen audiophile, having a designated room for device-based leisure activities is a great idea. In addition to offering a simple and fun way to combat work-related stress and relax while engaging in an audio-visually stimulating activity, entertainment rooms are a great place to organize an occasional gamer get-together, movie night or music listening sessions for your friends and loved ones. Here, we bring you some helpful ideas on how to design an entertainment room to fit your pastime preferences and home budget best.

Gaming away the hours: PlayStation, Xbox and other gamer treats

Any avid gamer definitely needs an especially designed gaming room in their home where they would be able to isolate themselves from the rest of the world and give in to the joys of gaming to the fullest. From HD PC displays and giant flat screen TVs to Xbox and PlayStation sets, a gaming room can have everything and anything you want it to. For gaming enthusiasts who don’t like to be computer-bound in their playtime, we suggest installing PlayStation 4 which allows you to engage in your game via smartphone, tablet or laptop display as second screen, while Xbox One Kinect is a better choice for kids-at-heart who adore wide-angle views, fast response times and HQ camera features.

Movie time in style royale: A theatre all your own

Lovers of gripping thrillers, Disney movies and popular sitcoms could definitely use a big screen in their home. If you want to upgrade your living room to a full-scale entertainment room where you and your loved ones would be able to watch any film or show that crosses your mind, perhaps you should consider installing a home theatre or smart TV system. With the number of home cinemas and connection-versatile telly sets constantly growing worldwide, you shouldn’t have any problems picking the one that has as many inches in diameter as your inner movie lover needs display-wise – plus, due to their wide availability and fast technological development, home theatre prices are dropping fast, so place your order ASAP and enjoy tons of HD cinematic joy as soon as your new set arrives.

Everything you need at your fingertips: Apple TV

A must for any fan of home-bound entertainment systems, AirPlay lets you stream media stored on iOS or OS X device directly to your TV screen and speaker system. This means much more audio-visual content for your viewing and listening sessions with no extra file storage required – which indeed is a precious asset for any gadget in the modern world driven by the constantly growing need for more virtual storage. Since it’s compatible with both Apple’s and third party applications, AirPlay will be able to play back any media content you want it to – and you can even access all the tracks and videos in your iTunes library by just a simple press of a button.

Audiophile heaven: Wireless surround systems and speaker sets

Music adds flavor to our lives, and there’s no better way to enjoy it to the fullest than to max up the volume when your favorite track comes on. For a true audiophile haven in your home, try installing a wireless home audio system or a set of potent surround speakers to fill the house with music and turn your every day into a musical all your own. With the number of top-notch hi-fi audio gadgets and versatile Bluetooth-enabled speakers multiplying fast on the global market, getting some mean acoustic gear for your home should be a piece of cake – just pay attention to customer comments and user ratings when browsing for your next speaker set online and you should be all covered.

Once luxury commodities for the privileged, hi-tech entertainment gadgets have become a commonplace household furnishing, so if you want to add some fun flavor to your spare time indoors, try installing a home theatre, surround system or a gaming room in your home. We guarantee you’ll love every second of it!