Substances Are Simply Divine

The Portuguese legalized almost all drugs on the market in 2006, and at the time, the United States President, George Bush Junior, argued that this decision would lead to the ruin of Portugal and it was the worst idea that any nation had ever had. The Americans maintained that the Portuguese would all become addicted to drugs and would destroy their own country and their own people.

What happened instead?

Instead, the Portuguese shifted their focus from incarcerating drug users to making it the public health problem that it was before and should continue to be. As a result, folks were less and less addicted to drugs in Portugal and George Bush, who was internationally known to be not the smartest person, was left with egg on his face as his words were ultimately untrue.

This is why we have to consider the fact that hemp is in our lives right now to be a huge gift to society because hemp is embedded in our society at this point and should not be criminalized in this way. Evidence suggests that Portuguese drug users tempered at later years and in fact, teenage use went down considerably.

In this way, hemp ( should not be rolled into a conversation about cocaine or heroin or some other mind-altering substance that may be more addictive and perhaps less helpful, when taken without medical supervision. Hemp is something that you can self-diagnose and decide your own dosage requirements as time goes on.

Different Types of Medicinal Interventions

For example, many traditional doctors would not be able to help you with hemp therapies, because they would consider it to be homeopathic medicine as opposed to allopathic medicine. The difference between these two is that homeopaths use medicinal herbs, oils, and spices that find their evidentiary basis and rooted tradition in history, as opposed to using the scientific method only.

Allopathic medicine can indeed use traditional therapies, but the scientific method leads the conversation on what medicines are useful as opposed to centuries of written records. In this way, both of these methods can be really useful because when used together they are often taking into account what is best for the individual’s microbiome but also based on the environment the person comes from.

This is why when you decide to shop hemp products online, there are always going to be great options for you in our modern world. Today, people understand that alternative medicines can really help you heal from your ailments, especially for those with chronic illnesses that cannot be managed by prescription drugs that can be habit-forming and problematically addictive.

If you are someone who is susceptible to being addicted to things, whether it is video games or pills, you should be mindful of anything new you introduce into your life that could command all your attention in a way that might take away from the best of you as a person. Hemp is not going to present those challenges to you.

When you think about it, people being scared of the possible negative effects of taking anything that is not as natural and healthy as hemp is totally justifiable. We have been conditioned to be nervous about all substances as though they exist on an equal playing field when in reality, there are many different effects.

In some ways, being encouraged to “just say no” to so many substances after the campaign of Nancy Reagan in the 1980s confused many people into thinking that all of these substances were similarly addictive, unhelpful, and dangerous. In reality, once people discover that heroin and marijuana are not on the same plane of addictiveness, it may be really difficult for people to trust the government’s take on these remedies ever again.

Finding New Ways To Tackle Pain

How many people have you heard of who have overdosed on an infusion of hemp in their lives? People tend to abuse hemp in ways that can make them forget that time has passed, but it does not present the type of life-threatening issues that many people have dealt with when ingesting drugs that are actually legally prescribed by doctors.

This is why some people have misgivings about allopathic medicine when many homeopathic remedies are offering safer solutions, so they opt to learn more about these alternative treatments online before committing to a medicinal regimen that could potentially be so habit-forming that they end up right back in the hospital they just left for surgery.

This is why we should be really mindful and careful about judging people for using hemp-derived products because they might not even be looking to indulge in escapist pleasures. For many people, this is critical pain relief that our parents and grandparents might have wished they had access to back when the only options were more addictive prescription drugs.

This is why we should be open-minded going forward because these substances have changed over time in terms of their place in society and whether or not they are accepted by the masses. The same drugs we decry today might actually be considered medical interventions in the future or could have been in the past.

We want people to be comfortable with experimenting with remedies so that we can improve our overall health and healthcare for all. This is why hemp oil is so important these days — it is giving us a chance to be on the front wave of a new homeopathic trend in self care that can result in exciting new therapies for all.

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