Leaky pipes allowing water and the other stinky things that run through your sewer to disperse through the ground around your house is never a good situation.  When you have money to blow you want to go to the club and make it rain with bottle service all night long but shouldn’t you really spend that money on repairing you’re your sewer pipes?

Repairing your sewer pipes does not draw attention to yourself like making it rain at the club does but if your front yard has turned into a leaching field and your toilet water has turned a color that resembles something that came out of you last week, you better believe you will receive attention from the guests in your house.  “Dude, your bathroom is disgusting,” is the only attention you will be getting.

It is solely your responsibility to make sure your sewer line is in working order and connects to the city’s main sewer line.  The general wear and tear you have put through your pipes after those long late night study break taquito binges have really taken a toll on your pipes.  When the stank comes back through your bathroom, everything is on you.

Sewer Repair

Here is how you go about fixing your sewer pipe in three easy steps.

  • Hire a plumber the have a look at your pipes and determine if there is a need for sewer repair.  He will give you an honest opinion of whether your munchie binges have ruined your pipes.
  • When he does tell you that you are in need of new pipes, you should be expecting this, you need to hire a contractor to excavate the luscious grass the bunnies love to frolic in so that the contractor can dig up the pipes to put shiny new ones in.
  • Once the contractor has done his job, you need to work on your grass to return it to bunny frolicking form.  Do it for the bunnies.

Stop your dilly dallying because your bathroom still smells from that drunken girl throwing up in your toilet and you still cannot flush it down.  Call Joe the plumber as soon as you can and spend money on him instead of the chinchilla coat and diamond grill that look oh so good together.

Keep Your Crib Clean

If you think you are going to be able to further your dating life with all the blockage in your pipes you are sadly mistaken.  One of the major points for a girl is how clean your house is, who wants to walk into a house that has Ramen noodle cups everywhere and a bathroom that doesn’t work?  You are shooting yourself in the foot by bringing her back to your place.

Maintaining your sewer and its connecting pipes is essential to your pre game life with your crew, your dating life with your girl and your daily life with yourself.  Keeping your crib clean is part of being a normal human being.  Make sure you are a normal human being.

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