Your home might have been somewhere you have been for ten years, or it might have been somewhere that has only been your base for a couple of years; however,no matter how long you have been in your house, it will still be showing wear and tear.

To get your home ready to sell, you need to start seeing your home through the eyes of potential buyers. As soon as you decide to sell your home, you need to pull yourself away from it and start treating it like someone else’s home.

When you change your mindset, you will change how you live temporarily but, by making temporary changes, you will ensure that your home is ready for viewings from potential viewers, and it is fresh and clean for them to be able to visualize their new lives, which of course is important in securing a sale.

So, what jobs should you be tackling, and what should you be doing in your free time in the house?

Fresh Coat of Paint

Spaces both internally and externally need to look fresh, and they need to look clean. Dirty, old, and possibly even flaky paintwork will put doubt into buyers’ minds, and it leaves them feeling like they don’t want to buy your house simply because there is too much work to do.

To ensure that buyers see themselves in your home, you need to give walls and woodwork a fresh coat of paint. When painting, try to keep color schemes neutral but not bland.

Create the Illusion of Space

Even if your home is not the biggest, you need to create the illusion of space. Buyers need space, and they want it in every area of the house so try to create the illusion of space wherever you can.

You can make space by reducing the amount of furniture, items, or accessories you have out on show. Staging your home in a subtle and focusing on less is more will allow buyers and viewers to see exactly what space you have on offer.

Gain Valuable Storage

As well as space, buyers are always looking for storage. Clever storage solutions and potential storage are always high on buyers’ wish lists. If you have a lot of stuff within your home, then utilize your garage.

For example, you can put your car into car storage and create a shelving and storage system in your garage. Having a dedicated storage space appeals to buyers because they don’t need to see a car in a garage as it takes up valuable space.

Be the Best Home on Your Street

No matter how many houses there are on your block or street, yours needs to be the best. If your home is not standing out, then buyers will not want it, and they will certainly not want it for the price you are listing it for. Look at your neighbors and see what they are doing. What curb appeal do they have, and what can you do better?

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