Fortnite quests are now an integral part of battle royale They have accumulated a lot of experience over the years and play an important part in our lives. Introduce new mechanics and areas. All of your data is available for you to see. Currently active tasks are located under the Quests tab on the main menu. This section contains the weekly epic and legendary quests. In addition to daily assignments and bonus challenges, the NPCs. Fortnite quests can be broken down into stages. This means that you must take them on in their order of receipt. Legendary quests are only available for one week so get your act together.

These quests, as usual, will unlock additional XP to complete them. This will push players further up the ranks of their battle pass Fortnite. To earn more reward items for their lockers. If you are stuck We have the answers to any task you give us. You can find separate guides (where applicable) to help you get through Fortnite. Quests

Fortnite Quests Week 1

Fortnite Week 1 quests introduce us to a new way to contact characters via Fortnite payphones. Next, we visit Fortnite vending machines and Fortnite weapon upgrade benches to get some weapons and shield potion upgrades. You can also find tasks that involve Fortnite technology weapons. So go to Corny Complex, or the Dish landmarks to pick them up. You’re now in time to complete the legendary quests where you can also find Fortnite rubber Ducks .

Fortnite Quests Week 2

The Fortnite Week 2 quests See you supporting Abstrakt with a scheme distracting the Imagined You’ll need to order and let him take advantage of the confusion. To find Fortnite spray cans, he will need to go to Fortnite satellite stations to destroy equipment. These legendary quests will also give you Fortnite Io Guards to do damage to.

Fortnite Quests Week 3

Fortnite Week 3 has many tasks that will keep you busy. You’ll need to dance around Fortnite campfires, destroy Fortnite boat, use Fortnite chickens to fly, travel through Fortnite Porta-Potties via secret tunnels, and use Nuts and Bolts for Fortnite crafting. Fortnite legend quests require you to find many locations. Place Fortnite welcome signs at Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake, drop Fortnite boomboxes at Believer Beach, place Fortnite light communication devices on mountaintops, and then gather Fortnite cat food.

Fortnite Quests Week 4

Fortnite Week 4 quests focus heavily on alien visitors. You’ll need to hunt animals infected by Fortnite alien parasites, experience low gravity in Fortnite Alien Nanites biomes or visit the Fortnite Mothership, and then fly in Fortnite UFOs. Farmer Steel is missing from the legend quests. You’ll need to search Fortnite farm clues, visit Fortnite Farmer Steel’s favorite places, place Fortnite missing persons signs in Weeping Woods or Misty Meadows and then collect a Fortnite doomsday preppers guide. Finally, you can consume Fortnite foraged items.

Fortnite Quests Week 5

The Fortnite Week 5 quests More attention on the battle between The Imagined Order und Extraterrestrials are a threat to IO Guards. Moving on to eliminate Fortnite Traspassers. Sunny wants to intercept Mari’s transmission at Believer Beach and place Fortnite welcome gifts at newly renamed Holly Hatchery. You should not dance too close to Fortnite Zyg or Choppy at Hydro 16. They will retaliate with vengeance.

These are the Fortnite quests we have released to date. We’ll update this article as soon as new ones become available.

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