Moving into a new living situation, whether you are paying rent or making mortgage payments on a house you own, is a transition that should be critically assessed before it becomes final. When you commit to reside somewhere, and with certain people, you are pledging to spend a good portion of your livelihood within a particular situation. It’s vital to process what the new dwelling will do for your lifestyle and everyday life.

I have provided five issues that are worth considering if you are pondering switching up your residence.

1. Is the house or apartment comfortable?

Being relaxed in a living situation is monumental to get the most out of your life, and the structure of the place has a lot to do with how pleasant it is to live in. Adequate space is a big factor that everyone seems to inherently value. Large windows and a nice kitchen are major bonuses, with natural light and cozy cooking space being two mood boosters. Whatever it is that makes you comfortable is what you need to analyze and not be shy about.

If you are agreeing to pay rent or own a house, you need to be absolutely sure about your comfort. There is no reason to settle when you could be spending almost half of your existence within the walls of the place. Before you bind yourself to anything, make sure you are comfy. Your life will be much more pleasant if you do so.

Living Situation

2. If you are living with someone, are they ideal for such close quarters?

The idea of living with people is often not thought about enough with regards to practicality. How will it actually work? When you decide to live with anyone else, make sure your everyday goals are not going to be compromised at all. It’s obvious that living with anyone other than yourself will impact how you do things, but to what extent is what you need to gauge before you commit.

Always overestimate problems that you think may arise, because it’s always better to assume the worst when it comes to sharing space with other humans. My advice would be to know the people extremely well, to the point where you can see the issues that would complicate your situation before they happen. Little problems morph into aggressive dinosaur-like complications when they grow in the petri dish called a living situation.

3. Do you like the physical location of the house?

Proximity to places of interest and employment are something to think about well before committing to live somewhere. It makes logistical sense to be close to where you need to go within the livelihood you perform. Whether you are committing to a lease in a place you rent, or paying mortgage on a house you own, you need to be at ease with where you will physically be. If you have children, aim for a solid school district.

If your job revolves around the peach industry in Georgia, don’t commit to something in the upper panhandle of Florida. Find a location close to your hobbies and occupation, and more importantly, find a locality that is safe for you. There is nothing worse than worrying about walking out of your house. Even with a rental lease, year-long contracts are more than common. That duration, let alone 30 years for a mortgage, is a long time to physically be in a location if you aren’t satisfied.

4. Do you have adequate finances?

It’s the issue nobody wants to worry about, but everyone needs to act upon. The nuts and bolts of moving into a new residence are necessary to build your situation. If you are renting, do you have the ability and job stability to pay the deposit and meet rent every month? If you are buying, do you have enough money for the down payment and all of the other associated costs?

My strong advice would be that no situation is worth entering if it is not financially viable. There are certain things in life that are appropriate to reach on financially, but housing is not one of them. It’s too important and it’s too big of a deal. Make sure you have the monetary foundation to be comfortable in your new situation. If you thought being behind on a phone bill was tough, a housing payment is a different genre of concern.

5. Are you happy?

Before making any sort of change in your life, make sure you are happy. It sounds simple, but any change requires energy. If you are in a good place mentally and physically, change is an obstacle you will overcome with flying colors. On the flip side, if you are overwhelmed or exhausted with your life as is, you want to correct that before changing the place you sleep at night.

Life is a road where people stop at different places and go different speeds. It’s alright to go at your own pace and analyze your next move. Don’t succumb to societal pressure and Hollywood movies. Make sure to take my advice and assess any living situation before committing. Your livelihood is important and should be respected with regards to change. People tend to be simpler than they admit, and because of this, it’s important to be happy and extremely confident in your decision on where to live.

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