Buying a car can often be a challenge, as there are so many factors to consider. One of the main points to focus on is the size of the vehicle and ensuring you choose one that suits your needs best. While you can find used cars online by utilizing a used car locator, it’s important to narrow one’s choices to avoid being overwhelmed by the many options available. Your used cars search can help you narrow those choices by showing you your options categorically. Before you begin your online quest to finding the perfect vehicle, there are five simple questions to ask yourself that may help you choose the right size car or sport utility van.

1. How many passengers will regularly occupy my vehicle?

carYou need to consider the size of your family for one thing, and this should include your pets. Will your new vehicle be for a single individual, a couple or a family of five? For one or two people, a two door sedan should suit you fine, but also consider the cylinder size, as a four cylinder may be more fuel efficient and offer better gas mileage than a six cylinder. A mid size SUV or mini van might be best if you have one or two children, while a large SUV would work well for large families.

2. What will I transport regularly in my new vehicle?

Are you a “soccer mom” or a parent with kids that participate in team sports? If so, a mid size sedan might not be your best option. Perhaps you are a musician who plays in a band, requiring you to haul bulky pieces of equipment and musical instruments around. A sedan or compact SUV might work for you, if it comes with a large enough. If you are a construction worker or laborer that must transport equipment and building materials, perhaps a pick up truck or mini van would work well for you.

3. Do I need all wheel drive in my mid size or large vehicle?

Consider the climate in which you live and if you tend to drive in snow and ice during the winter months. If so, a large truck or SUV with all wheel drive could be beneficial. A large vehicle with much weight might help you plow through the snow and ice, whereas a small sports car or convertible with front or rear wheel drive might not be the best choice.

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4. How much leg room do I really need?

If you are a tall person, obviously a coupe might be a tad too small for you. Conversely, a car for a single individual of petite to average stature needn’t be very large.

5. What will my budget allow?

While you might prefer a large SUV or van, think of the practical, in terms of gas mileage and financing. You might save money in the long run with a small or mid size sedan, and if you feel it will suit your requirements, go for it.

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