One common statement you’ll hear from those individuals who have what is popularly called the Millionaire mindset is that working for other people will make other people rich but not you.

If you’re one of the millions of people who want to own your own business and like the idea of being a part of an established brand though becoming a franchisee then the question becomes how do you venture into the world of owning a well known brand franchise without having the a million dollars in your pocket for start up costs?

The good news is there are a number of quality franchise opportunities for 20k and under.

Here are five of the highest profile and lowest capital threshold franchise opportunities that you can start for less than $20K.

1. Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems

You can start a Jan-Pro franchise for only 1k.  That’s right this commercial cleaning service and which specializes in office buildings is one of the top commercial cleaning franchises around.  Of course, with the low entry cost chances are you’re going to have to apply some elbow grease in order to make a go of it but you will be putting the profits into your own pocket as well.

2. Jazzercise

This very well known and popular franchise can be started with as little as 3k.  Jazzercize blends jazz dance with aerobic movement to create a fun useful workout environment.  Your 3k buys you two types of franchises to choose from.  The business franchise model allows you to own the classes and manage the instructors who will teach the classes for you which is a great option if wearing dance outfits isn’t your thing.

 If you are the athletic type and like to teach you can start an instructor franchise once you’re Jazzercise-certified training instructors.  This means you’ll be the instructor as well as the business person running the school.

3. Cruise Planners/American Express

With a little as 10k in start up costs you can hang the storied American Express label on your cruise planning and insurance business.  While the name is well known you can still run this business out of the home on a full or part time basis.  By selling cruises, trip insurance, and shore trips you will bring in commissions as well as earn great travel deals for you and your loved ones.

4. Proforma

The Proforma franchise model also allows you to work out of your home with a well known brand as well as a wide variety of printing services that you will offer to businesses.  Essentially, as a Proforma franchisee you will be the go to Proforma salesperson in your area.  Once the printed contract is secured the actual printing is done by printers that Proforma hires.  This franchise can be started for under 20k and includes detailed training.

5. Disaster Kleenup International

Unlike other franchises which for the most part are designed to allow anyone to become a franchisee Disaster Kleenup International is designed to be a well branded add on for contractors.  The franchises are given access and bidding rights to a fairly extensive group of potential customers

DKI franchises specialize in insurance restoration services. Unlike many other relatively inexpensive franchises, Disaster Kleenup franchises are designed for existing contractors to expand their business as a franchisee. As a franchisee, contractors have access to a large network of connections to potential customers as well as marketing tools to reach out and solicit their business.

Prices vary for start up purposes but it’s a smart move for a contractor looking to add to an existing client base by incorporating a well branded name onto an existing business structure.

Isaac Morris is a professional blogger that provides tips and information on franchise opportunities and investments. He writes for, the place to find franchise opportunities online.

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