One Piece is an immensely popular manga series filled with many powerful characters. Many consume Devil Fruits to gain extraordinary abilities such as stretching their bodies like elastic or becoming giant snakes.

With such an illustrious storyline and lots of characters, there’s a lot to choose from in terms of which merchandise you’ll want for your favorite anime show. Read the following article and hopefully you’ll get to know a few of the One Piece crew a little bit better before making your merch decisions.

1. Luffy

Luffy, the main protagonist in One Piece ( has become the most iconic manga and anime characters worldwide. A pirate by profession, his goal is to become King of Pirates while searching for One Piece’s legendary treasure – said to grant wishes if you possess it – while using his body elasticity to overcome villainous characters and rival pirates.

Luffy may appear reckless and carefree at first glance; however he is actually an exceptionally capable leader who never puts himself or his crew at risk due to simple incompetence. Luffy has the ability to identify character flaws such as cowardice or lack of wisdom quickly.

Luffy’s crew includes his fellow Straw Hat Pirates such as Captain Shanks, swordsman Roronoa Zoro, money-obsessed thief Nami, cowardly marksman Usopp, and chivalrous chef Sanji. Princess Vivi of Arabasta Kingdom who previously undercover worked at Baroque Works acts as an unofficial member of Luffy’s crew and trusts him wholeheartedly due to his friendship and kindness.

2. Shanks

Shanks stands out among One Piece’s many extraordinary characters as its leader – boss of Red Hair Pirates and Emperors of the Sea. he’s an adept user of Haki who can use an advanced form of Conqueror’s Haki to protect against observation Haki from enemies.

Oda himself has revealed his fondness for Shanks, and it’s easy to see why. Shanks was the pirate who inspired Luffy to form his own crew, giving him his signature hat along the way. Plus, he is an exceptional swordsman capable of taking down any foe with ease.

Fans adore him for his dynamic personality and fearsome Haki, making him among the most beloved Yonkou in One Piece. In fact, most people get a one piece shirt for this very reason. He placed 11th in the sixth Fan Poll and was chosen the most well-known Yonkou. His absence of Devil Fruit powers makes him unique as among the few imperials with no such power – this makes him especially dangerous with respect to Haki which contributes significantly to why people fear him all around the globe.

3. Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock is a formidable female pirate in One Piece and its most beautiful figure. A skilled strategist, Hancock excels at manipulating those around her to her benefit – as evidenced on Floor 6 of Impel Down when she helped Luffy break through outer defenses without him ever knowing. Hancock cares deeply for those she considers friends; although an enemy of the Marines she made clear she would not abandon Luffy.

She can be very wary of men due to her childhood experience in slavery; however, she shows more compassionate qualities when protecting a heartbroken Luffy on her island and even allowing him to explore its depths while she watches over him. She respects Jinbe for helping save Luffy while protecting her from Gloriosa’s attacks – something Gloriosa would not allow. This makes a stark difference from their relationship which she finds irritating and pushy.

One Piece Character Shirt

4. Sabo

Sabo is among many of Luffy and Ace’s closest allies and an extremely strong pirate. Due to the rigorous training, he received as a child, his physical capabilities include fast agility and even fighting giant men! In addition, Sabo is also known for robbing many individuals throughout his lifetime.

At the conclusion of Reverie, some major changes were hinted at for the Seas; a significant vision seemed to portend Sabo’s death, yet later confirmed his survival.

Eiichiro Oda has shown his appreciation to fans by offering an extra special featuring Sabo that allows him to explore more fully his backstory than would normally have been possible in manga form. According to this blog, fans are sure to appreciate it and it serves a practical purpose; providing new content to prospective readers of the series. Sabo’s peaceful mediator personality offers an ideal contrast with those of Luffy and Ace who tend towards more fiery personalities.

5. Trafalgar Law

Trafalgar Law epitomizes the spirit of One Piece like nobody else can, with his impressive character traits as captain of the Heart Pirates and cool name (He was voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya!), unwavering resolve, and dedication to his crew being his true appeals.

During the Jaya arc, Luffy stood against Vergo and offered them some of the most famous quotes in One Piece history – “People’s dreams have no ends”, an inspirational call-to-arms to anyone striving to accomplish their goals.

Law’s unfaltering devotion to his crew makes him an iconic member of the Straw Hat Pirates. When Usopp told Law that giving up would be dishonorable in times of danger, Law retorted that giving up would be dishonorable, something fans have taken to heart ever since.

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