The 21st century has experienced increased number of headhunters assisting firms in searching for top executives. The competition in the executive headhunters field has become very stiff calling for a need for headhunters to develop unique strategies in order to have competitive edge in the market.

The executive headhunters must employ all the industry best practices because they are searching for candidates to occupy high level positions. Not only do they need to show high level of expertise, but they also have to use the most current recruitment strategies to get the most qualified candidates for the executive positions.

Below are some best practices that executive headhunters should apply to gain competitive advantage over others.

Executive Headhunters

Use technology

Just like executives in firms are required to stay on top of the latest technology trends and knowing how to use complex business software, this is also the case with their recruiters. In the current competitive market in executive recruitment, executive headhunters cannot make the mistake of using outdated sourcing and screening methods. Technology is essential as it helps the headhunters be able to track candidate’s information and other latest marketing strategies. This will help recruit the most qualified and competent candidates for specific executive positions.

Keep accurate records

Keeping detailed and complete records for applicants, positions, clients and candidates is crucial for headhunters. Lack of relevant information at the fingertips can turn off a client very fast. It is necessary for executive headhunters to have records of the applicants and contacts of both candidates and clients in order to be in touch when required.

Growing network

One of the biggest asset headhunters should have is the contacts of the clients, prospects and hires. This network should be tended well in order to strengthen relationships by having regular communication and always be in the lookout for new relationships. It is also important to check back with hires after placement and asks for referrals as a way of growing their network. Headhunters need to hang out with every contact made even if they are not perfect for a certain position because they might be fit for the next one.

Become one with your industry

This is a basic necessity for all executive headhunters. Headhunters must work hard to become their own ideal candidates. For instance, if a headhunter hires scientists, he or she needs to understand what scientists do in the subject. Make friends with the scientists by attending conferences and forums in order to make contacts and grow business network. At highest level of recruiting, headhunters should not just be simple service providers, but should become respected resources to their industry. Good reputation is developed by demonstrating dedicated interest for the area of recruitment and having an open approach in building trusted relationships in the industry.

Build trust

Just like any other business, executive headhunters must develop trust with all stakeholders. Candidates and clients like building trust with recruiters and demand to be respected. Headhunters should not act just as sourcing resources for their clients, but also trusted professionals to both the clients and candidates.

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