If you’re a music lover and you’re looking for an awesome way of expanding your music collection with older music that you love but don’t or no longer own as well as new music that you covet when it gets released, then you need look no farther than emusic.

RCA’s answer to music subscription services, emusic features a large and ever-expanding music collection which you download to your computer, tablet, or smartphone via the site’s free music downloader, which itself is first downloaded to your phone or hard drive.

(There used to be some technical problems for a lot of people with this downloader, but recently emusic created a new downloader which is easier to use and appears bug-free.)

Music subscription services and places where you as a music consumer can pick and choose individual tracks to download are all the rage today, just as commercial-free subscription radio services like XM-Sirius are for radio. Emusic is arguably the best of all such services available to you today, for two major reasons.

First, emusic has the lowest per-track prices that you’ll find. A multitude of tracks bought from emusic are only 49 cents each. All things considered, the average price is probably just 59 cents per track. In addition, the company constantly runs sales and gives loyal subscribers bonus credits (that is, free music money) to use.

Second, the guys at emusic don’t believe in “renting” music. They only believe in owning it. You have to buy every track that you get to listen to in full. (There’s a streaming radio feature at the website which is free, but you get only so many hours per month to listen to it and, within the genre or style that you’ve picked, the robot disc jockey, not you, selects all the tracks.)

You can listen to a 30-second sample of any track, over and over, before making up your mind to buy it, but if you want to listen to a track or an album you need to be its owner. So unlike with services like the legalized Napster or Zune, you can’t just pay a monthly subscription fee and then choose to listen to particular music on your computer.

Why is this better than other providers’ ways? We’ll say in just a bit.

Music Subscription Service

How You Subscribe to emusic

You pick a certain subscription package–and there are many too choose from–and your debit or credit card gets billed that much per billing cycle. You then have that much amount of e-money to spend whenever you want until you get billed again. Whatever e-money you don’t spend automatically carries over. You never “lose” any money that your account carries.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you want, too. It’s pretty easy to pick a plan you can afford (starting at only $6.49 every thirty days) and which reflects your level of musical love. Most of the plans award you a free bonus, too–which means free money.

So, for instance, if you subscribe as a Music Connoisseur, you will be billed $79.99 every 30 days–but, emusic throws in another $15.00 every 30 days. So, for $79.99 per month, you actually have $94.99 to spend on music each month–and at emusic’s competitively low prices!

When you first sign up you are given free e-money (at the time of this writing, $25) to spend during a trial period before you are billed. You can cancel out of your trial period before getting billed and whatever music you might have bought during that time is yours to keep.

Why Owning Is Better than Renting

While it may seem strange to some people who like the idea of listening to infinite chosen music for one low monthly subscription rate, the truth is that the emusic deal is actually the best one among them all, especially considering the low prices for tracks and the bonus plans.

Once you want a track or an album badly enough to pay to download it, you are the music’s owner–not its renter. Want to burn a CD? Go ahead. Want to use the music in a video that you’re making? You’ve got every right to do so.

Want to email the music to your friend? Just as in the old days of sharing cassette tape recordings of record albums that you own, you can do that legally, too.

Emusic features plenty of written reviews by music journalists for you to read and shares comments made by listeners for you to peruse. You can search for music at the site by genre, artist, track titles, or album titles. Every time you come to an artist whose music you (may) want, you will find automatic suggestions for other, similar music artists whose music emusic sells, too.

Want to Make Money with Your emusic?

Emusic has an affiliate marketing program that can put some money in your bank. You can become an affiliate for no charge, and emusic will provide you with link-back banners for your website or emails (if you’re going to do email marketing).

You just get someone to sign on for a seven-day free trial period and emusic pays you $6. (That’s real-world money, not credits!) You keep the money even if they cancel.

Yes, if you’re a music lover, you can’t go wrong by trying out RCA’s emusic.

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