What is Project Progress Reporting?

Project progress reporting is basically the status of the project that you are working on. This shows the progress that you are making towards completing your project. These overviews are then given to the project supervisor.

This is a simple definition of what this is. If you want the full project progress report definition you can do some more research. You can also get more information about this subject if you do more research.

This article will share with you some of the elements that you need to know about project progress reporting. These elements are some of the things that you need to add to your report. You can find other elements that you might want to add if you do a little more research.

Project Progress Reports
Project Progress Reports

Elements of Project Progress Reports

1. Short

You will want to keep your progress paper short and to the point. You want it to be a page long or under: https://www.business2community.com/strategy/progress-report-how-to-write-structure-and-make-it-visually-attractive-02110020. This is a steadfast rule that should be followed for your report.

2. Well Formatted

The document should be well formatted and easy to follow for the reader. You don’t want the reader to have to learn about what is written and how to read it, you just want them to be able to read it without issues. You want the focus to be on the status of the report and not how to decode the document.

3. Targeted

You want to target the executive stakeholders and make the chronicle for them to read. If you feel that it would be too difficult for others to read, then you might make one report for the executive stakeholders and another for the general population to read. You could make the second document with more details and more information than the first one.

4. Make it Pretty

Make the document easy to look at and pretty to see. You don’t want a jumbled mess that no one can make sense of. If you make it look good, it will be easier to read and easier to understand.

5. Make it Available

The report should be available to the executive stakeholders and whoever else needs to know about the plan. You don’t want to do the report and leave it on your hard drive, you want it to be shared. There are apps that will allow you to share it with those who need to see it.

6. Use the Report

The report should be used to talk about the plan in meetings, reviews, and discussions. If you can’t use it for these purposes, there is no use for it at all. The form should be able to help move the project along.

7. Improve the Report

The document should be improved as often as possible. The strategy will move along, and your report should be updated, as well. Look here to see how often you should improve your report. You want to ask the people who are involved what improvements need to be made, and then improve them.

8. Accept It

Accept that even though you could always make improvements, the document is good as it is. There will be people who say that it needs to be different and that it is not good enough. Listen, make changes, if necessary, but accept that it is a document that will change as the project does.

9. Don’t Get Intimidated

You shouldn’t be intimidated while writing the report. It is just a document that needs to be shared about the progress of the strategy. It is nothing that you should get worried about or stress too much over.

10. Be Open to Change

The document will be ever-changing as it goes along. The plan will change over time, and your document will need to change along with it. You don’t want to have a static report that doesn’t change. This will not show the progress of the project.


A project progress report is a document that shows the progress of a strategy. It is an ever-changing document that will change along with the project itself. It is not a document that you should be worried about or stressed over.

These reports are to be shared with executive stockholders and others who are working on the plan. It needs to show what is important to everyone about the project. It also should show that the plan is progressing as it should.

The document should be written in a way that is easy to read and easy to follow. It should look good and appeal to the senses. You want everyone to be able to read it and suggest changes that could be made to it.

These documents should be accurate and just talk about the progress of the plan. You don’t want anything extraneous in the report and you don’t want it to be too lengthy. It should be one page and no more.

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