Top eCommerce Website Builders for Online Business Stores…

Increasingly businesses are making it possible for customers to purchase their products and services online. Though most businesses will outsource their ecommerce website development, it is important to find out why a particular eCommerce website builder is selected by the website developer. The website developer will handover the developed website to the business. They will then have to update it with the products being sold periodically. Hence the business should ask their website developer, the criteria for choosing the website builder and how it compares with other options.

Features of a eCommerce website builder

Some of the features which the website builder for the online store should have are described below:

1. User interface

The e-commerce builder should be simple and easy to use. The layout should be well designed and editing options easily accessible. The interface should be intuitive, so that users will learn to use it easily

2. Multiple options for items sold

The online store should allow the user multiple options at the time of product purchase. The user should be able to pay using different options. It should be possible for the seller to offer coupon codes and discounts to customers.

3. Customer support

Since a business will spend a large amount on its eCommerce store, the eCommerce builder should offer excellent customer support. It should have a customer service team for answering queries, and a comprehensive knowledge base so that the business can fix at least some of the problems themselves.

Top rated E-commerce website builders

1. Shopify

Shopify is extremely popular for online stores, since it was developed only for e-commerce. Most users find it simple to set up a Shopify store. The user interface is intuitive, and easy to navigate. The analytics feature allows the user to analyze visitor behavior and make changes. The offline sales for the business can also be incorporated in Shopify. Customer support is available 24/7 if the business requires any kind of assistance. However, a transaction fee will be charged, unless the business uses the Shopify payments option.

2. Wix

Wix is a well designed website builder which is easy to use. It has many features for e-commerce and the themes provided are extremely attractive. Though only a limited number of sales channels are provided, it is suitable for a smaller e-commerce business. The Wix pricing is competitive and customer support is available 24/7 to fix any problem faced by the customer. However, only a limited amount of storage space is offered.

3. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a website builder suitable for larger stores. It has a large number of eCommerce features inbuilt and multiple sales channels can be incorporated. Advanced analytics similar to those provided by Shopify are also incorporated so that the shopper can maximize their conversion rate. However, businesses should be aware that Bigcommerce limits the total amount, the business will make from online sales.


Shopify or Bigcommerce are suitable for larger online stores, while Wix is ideal for smaller online stores. While all these website builders are reliable, businesses should consider the Shopify transaction fees, Bigcommerce sales limit and Wix storage space limits before taking a decision.