For 100’s of years, one of the most important skills was being able to write coherently, with the smooth and correct use of the English language. Excellent writing could evoke unbelievable emotions, transport the reader to another place, and confirm ideas and commitments, all on a piece of paper.

The Computer and The Internet

With the advent of computers as a personal tool, word processing, automatic spell checking, and tools that can assist with grammar, and core competencies such as writing and spelling, are not taught in many schools. We now have those who argue it is more the thought and the content that counts, rather than the ability to express oneself fully and coherently and they see nothing wrong to turning to a professional essay paper writing service.

Good Writing and Communications

The question always remains; if one cannot write appropriately, no matter how good the idea is, will they be able to sell it? Good writing continues to be a cornerstone of our communications and now, more than ever, business and other professional people are turning to professional writing services to put down the written word.

A New Industry

The demand for excellent writing has spawned a whole new industry focusing on document and writing services. The essay paper writing service transcends the bounds of morality and ethics by having others write essays for college and university students, even including academic writing of Ph.D. Theses.

What Is Appropriate?

One has to ask, what is the proper use of an essay paper writing service? Is it appropriate for a university student to hire someone to write an essay based on his or her research and ideas?

This is a question that only the college or universities can decide the appropriate outcomes for their particular circumstances. But that being the case, what types of services are available?

Essay Paper Writing for College and Universities

There is an essay writing service, it seems, to fit any situation. Original papers can be secured in the typical academic formats, such as APA, Harvard, MLA, and Chicago. And, the service can include original research, as well as, can be guaranteed, plagiarism free.

All has gone as far as one service suggests, “Are you having trouble getting good grades at college?” Suggesting that the service can do the research, write the essay, which the student then passes off as their work.

We leave it to the reader to decide, if morally it is acceptable to sit back, have someone do the research and the work, and another takes the credit as being able to do the job to an acceptable standard. In many books, that would be classed as cheating, but wherever there is a dollar to be made, or a way to make the path easier, there are always those who will take advantage of whatever is available.

Essay Paper Writing Service For Business

Essay paper writing for business does not carry a similar stigma as for someone at a university. A company may require a writing service to make a professional representation, write a professional business letter, or help with the expression of some other business idea or process.

The differentiation in the morality between a college and university, or business is, the issue at a university or college, the work is being used to promote the student to a level that they cannot be.


There are significant issues related to using an essay paper-writing service. Where there is a demand, there will be a service, but one needs to think long and hard of the morality and ethics of buying someone’s writing and passing it off as your own. In short, that is professing to be something that you are not.

Can anyone legitimize that?