There are myths prevalent throughout every industry, and the car shipping industry is no different. As people spread knowledge about their experiences, many things get misconstrued along the way. Many assumptions are made, and the actual experiences that people have are stretched, creating impressions that aren’t exactly true.

That’s why it’s so important that you not believe everything that you read or hear, and that you do a bit of research, before you hire a car transporters to take your vehicle to where it needs to go. Below, we debunk and dispel some of the more common myths associated with these services, making the process a bit more transparent for you.

Myth – Terminal to terminal shipping is the cheapest form of auto transport.

Because there are many different car transporters out there, it can be difficult to find out which kind of shipping is really the cheapest if you simply write off an entire segment as too expensive. While door to door shipping may require a bit of extra travel by the company, it is not always more expensive than dropping your vehicle off at the terminal. Make sure to get quotes for all kinds of shipping so that you can know for sure before choosing one over the other.

Myth – Brokers are dangerous to work with and you should only contact carriers themselves.

This is a dangerous myth in and of itself, especially since many car transport brokers are also carriers. Because carriers generally provide the actual services themselves, they can sometimes suffer deficiencies in the customer relations area of things. Brokers often work with multiple carriers, on the other hand, so not only are they well versed in working with customers, but they also can provide good deals and great availability across many aspects of the shipping process. With customer service representatives, they can also offer answers to your questions and helpful tips for consumers who may not be experienced in the process.

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Myth – Distance is the sole consideration when determining the cost of car shipping.

There are actually a number of different factors that are considered when car transporters come up with the price that they are going to charge for car shipping. Distance may be a large part of that equation, but the size of the vehicle and the weight of the vehicle are also important. Sometimes dates and the turnaround time in which you need the service also comes into play depending on what time of year it is and which company you choose to go with.

Myth – Driving a vehicle is cheaper and faster than shipping one.

When you drive a vehicle to somewhere far away, you have to consider more than just the costs involved in fuel and the time on the road. You will have to take into consideration things like wear and maintenance, as well as lodging, food, and the requirements that the driver might have when driving a vehicle. When you choose to ship a car, you can often spend less time and less money overall than you would have if you had driven the car. This means that even though you spend a good chunk up front, you will pay less overall.

While there are plenty of myths surrounding car transporters and the services they offer, if you do a bit of digging and you find out more about what you are getting involved in from the start, you will have a much easier time getting your vehicle to where it needs to be in the end. If saving money and getting your car to a new location over a long distance is the goal, then consider cheap car shipping instead of driving the vehicle yourself.

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