Daniel Ricciardo has made a surprising comeback to the Formula One circuit, replacing Nyck de Vries at Red Bull’s sister team, AlphaTauri, for the remainder of the season. After taking a break from racing this year as Red Bull’s reserve driver, Ricciardo will return to the grid starting from the Hungarian Grand Prix on July 23.

In an interview with ESPN last month, the eight-time race winner expressed his desire for a “fairytale” ending to his F1 career, which involved a return to the Red Bull team he left in 2018. By joining AlphaTauri, Ricciardo puts himself in contention for a potential future promotion to the main Red Bull team, putting additional pressure on Sergio Perez, who has been struggling with his form.

Sources close to the situation have revealed that Ricciardo is fully committed to driving for AlphaTauri for as long as it takes to prove that he has overcome the challenges he faced during his time at McLaren in 2021 and 2022.

The news of Ricciardo’s return was officially announced on Tuesday, coinciding with his participation in a tyre test for Red Bull at Silverstone. Red Bull acknowledged that Ricciardo’s impressive performance during the test session played a significant role in their decision to bring him back.

Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, commented, “It is fantastic to see that Daniel has maintained his form even during his time away from racing, and that the progress he has made in his simulator sessions translates to the track. His lap times during the tyre test were extremely competitive. It was an impressive display, and we are excited to see what the rest of the season holds for Daniel on loan at Scuderia AlphaTauri.”

De Vries’ departure from AlphaTauri had been anticipated for some time due to his considerable struggles and the public criticism voiced by Red Bull motorsport boss, Helmut Marko. Marko previously admitted that Horner was right to question whether De Vries was the right fit for the company’s F1 program.

De Vries, who previously won championships in Formula 2 and Formula E, earned a contract for this season after delivering a remarkable F1 debut for Williams at the Italian Grand Prix last year, where he stood in for the unwell Alex Albon and scored valuable points. Unfortunately, he has been unable to replicate that level of performance in 2023.

Ricciardo’s return to AlphaTauri brings him back to the team where he competed in 2012 and 2013, when it was known as Toro Rosso. His outstanding performances during that period led to a promotion to the Red Bull team for the 2014 season, where he experienced a breakout year, securing three F1 victories.

Overall, Ricciardo’s comeback to the Formula One grid with AlphaTauri adds an exciting twist to the season and raises anticipation among fans eager to witness his return to top form.


Formula 1 fans were thrilled with the recent announcement that Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo would be making his return to the sport with Alphatauri. This news came as a surprise, especially considering that Nyck De Vries, the current driver for Alphatauri, would be stepping aside. In this article, we will delve into the details of Ricciardo’s return, the reasons behind the decision to replace De Vries, and the potential impact this will have on the team and the sport as a whole.

Ricciardo’s Return: A New Chapter

After spending two seasons with McLaren, Daniel Ricciardo has decided to embark on a new chapter in his Formula 1 career by joining Alphatauri. Ricciardo’s move to the team has garnered significant attention and anticipation among fans and experts alike. With his impressive track record and undeniable talent, Ricciardo’s return promises to shake things up on the grid.

The Decision to Replace Nyck De Vries

The decision to replace Nyck De Vries, who has been driving for Alphatauri, with Daniel Ricciardo was a strategic move made by the team management. While De Vries has shown promise, Ricciardo’s experience and proven skills make him a valuable addition to the team. The decision aims to strengthen Alphatauri’s position in the championship and elevate their performance on the track.

The Implications for Alphatauri

Daniel Ricciardo’s arrival at Alphatauri brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. His experience driving for top-tier teams like Red Bull Racing and McLaren gives him valuable insights that can contribute to Alphatauri’s development and success. Ricciardo’s presence will not only impact the team’s performance on the track but also inspire and motivate the entire organization.

The Impact on the Sport

Ricciardo’s return to Formula 1 with Alphatauri adds another layer of excitement and competition to the already fierce racing landscape. His arrival signifies the continuous evolution and competitiveness of the sport. Fans eagerly anticipate witnessing Ricciardo’s skills put to the test against some of the world’s best drivers, which is sure to deliver thrilling races and memorable moments.


Daniel Ricciardo’s return to Formula 1 with Alphatauri has ignited a wave of enthusiasm among fans and pundits alike. The decision to replace Nyck De Vries with Ricciardo showcases the team’s commitment to improving its performance and achieving greater success. As the upcoming races unfold, all eyes will be on Ricciardo as he seeks to make his mark once again in the world of Formula 1.


1. Why did Daniel Ricciardo leave McLaren for Alphatauri?

Daniel Ricciardo’s decision to leave McLaren for Alphatauri was driven by his desire for a fresh challenge and the opportunity to contribute to the growth of a different team.

2. How will Nyck De Vries’ departure impact Alphatauri?

Nyck De Vries’ departure from Alphatauri opens up new opportunities for the team to explore and leverage Daniel Ricciardo’s expertise in enhancing their overall performance.

3. What are the expectations for Daniel Ricciardo’s performance at Alphatauri?

Given his impressive track record, the expectations for Daniel Ricciardo’s performance at Alphatauri are high. Fans and experts anticipate that he will make a significant impact on the team’s results.

4. Will Ricciardo’s return to Formula 1 affect his fan base?

Ricciardo’s return to Formula 1 is likely to reinvigorate his fan base. His charismatic personality and exciting driving style have endeared him to fans around the world.

5. How will Ricciardo’s move impact the competitive landscape of Formula 1?

Ricciardo’s move to Alphatauri adds another competitive element to Formula 1. It increases the level of competition and promises thrilling battles on the track.

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