Couriers are used to transport all sorts of items to a wide variety of places.  These items vary from the everyday to the out of the ordinary and are transported using modes such as bike, taxi truck and plane.

Types of Couriers

Same Day
As the name suggests these couriers deliver items the same day.  Items are usually urgent and this service is often known as express delivery.

Next Day or Overnight
Courier services operating on this basis transport cargo and freight of a less urgent nature than can be delivered overnight or beyond.

This courier delivery service is indicative of mail services that deliver small parcels and packages in bulk that are of a less valuable nature.

Couriers Services

Services that deal in pallets usually deal in bulkier and heavier items that are pre-packed on to a pallet ready for transport and loaded with a forklift or pallet jack on to a taxi truck courier.

The wide variety of items couriers deliver, ranging from documents to heavy freight, means that the modes of transport used also vary.  Courier companies utilize air, sea and land for deliveries depending on whether they transport items locally, intrastate, interstate, nationally or internationally, with road transport utilizing the greatest variety of options depending on the nature of the items to be delivered.

Push Bikes and Motorbikes
Push bikes are often used to courier small items such as documents around city central locations as they are able to easily manoeuvre through traffic and avoid hefty parking and traffic fines.  It is also a cost effective and efficient option.  Motorbikes are utilized more for those areas a little further out from city locations. They cater for transporting slightly larger items but are still relatively cost effective and efficient although petrol costs do need to be factored in.

Vans and Taxi Trucks
Vans and Taxi Trucks are used to transport a large variety of items, from household and retail goods to building materials and equipment.  The possibilities are vast and taxi trucks fitted with tailgates provide an additional service to easily load bulky or particularly heavy items.

Semi -trailers and Road Trains
These provide the best option for transporting excessively heavy or bulky items that go beyond the capabilities of the vans and taxi trucks.  They are often used for transporting items interstate and nationally where loads may be delivered to multiple locations along the way.

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