In view of the spread of Coronavirus to countries other than China, the company has formed a team to monitor the situation so that steps can be taken to remove the risk of employee exposure.

Tata Motors, the largest automobile manufacturing company in the country, has asked all its employees working in headquarters and regional offices to work from home on Monday.

The company has taken this step in the wake of the spread of Coronavirus. The company’s managing director and chief executive officer Guenter Butschek said this in a letter to his employees. According to PTI’s news, the company has set up a team to monitor the situation so that steps can be taken to address the risk of employees’ risk, in view of the spread of coronaviruses to countries other than China.

The company has also suspended public transport (aeroplanes, rail, road), international and domestic travel for employees.

The journey will now depend on approval. At the same time, instead of taking attendance through biometric machines, ‘card swap’ has been arranged. Apart from this, meetings and teaching and training of more than 20 employees have been suspended.

Pregnant women and employees suffering from respiratory disease and heart disease have been advised to work from home. The company has increased the distance of seats in the canteen and arranged for different working hours to prevent coronavirus infection.

Due to the coronavirus, many giants have asked their employees to work from home. It also includes companies like Twitter and Nestle. Companies have also prohibited employees from travelling.

The world giant Nestle has told its three lakh employees to do their work from where they are. Do not travel anywhere, while Twitter has asked its 5000 employees to work from home. In India too, more than 100 people have come under the grip of Coronavirus, while two have also died.