Nowadays the whole world is in expansion. The number of people is increasing everywhere in the world and this causes a constant need for new buildings. Since modern architects tend to save up a lot in horizontal space, buildings are harder to build, but there are always innovative ways of making the most incredible constructions around the world.

The final product is always beautiful but only few people think about how dangerous it was for construction worker to be that high during the building process. Still one of the most dangerous factors in the construction site remains the electricity. Many people lose their lives over the course of year due to the faults in the site safety plans. Therefore it is very important to follow several steps in order to prevent accidents from happening.


One of the first reasons this kind of accidents happens is the training level. A certain task may be very simple to perform but if the worker is inexperienced and unqualified it is necessary to wait for a professional to deal with the situation. These are the beginning steps in prevention of people getting electric shocks. The employer is obliged to hold some form of training where employees will be introduced with complete instructions on how to act in certain situations. This kind of training would lower the number of numerous accidents that happen in the construction site.

Rubber matting

In order to increase the safety of the workers, their surrounding should be current-proof. This may be achieved by rubber mats that would isolate the workers from the ground and therefore prevent numerous disasters that could end up in serious injuries or even a life loss. Making surroundings safer is a very important step in protection of your employees and it should be certainly strived towards.


This step refers to situation when there are some problems on the construction site. Faulty wiring can be very dangerous and a professional should be contacted immediately in order to prevent any misfortunes and fix the problem. If a tool you are using is having some issues with running, immediately contact the expert who can handle the problem with care. It is therefore crucial to maintain your surrounding completely. If everything is functioning properly the risk of something bad happening is close to none.


If, unfortunately, someone does get in contact with electrical current, it is vital for the workers to know how to react. It is recommended to immediately contact some form of help, for example 911 or other coworkers. That would lead to a better solution of the problem, since the more people that can help the better. The following step should be to protect yourself so you could help the other person. It is recommended to isolate yourself from the ground and use low conduct items such as a broom to remove the electricity source. Knowing what to do in unfortunate situations is crucial for the safety of all people who are working on a construction site. This kind of help can save someone’s life. As mentioned above, dealing with emergency cases should be included in the training to reduce the level of inexperience and ignorance. Making your employees capable of helping each other in dangerous situations will lead to less injuries and death cases.


It is essential to provide your employees with the proper equipment that will keep them safe from electric shocks. By using insulated tools, gloves, boots they will be protected all the time. This kind of equipment should be used all the time because electric shocks can’t be predicted most of the time and this will keep protection at the highest level. By achieving this step, employees will feel safer and be more productive knowing they are properly protected.

Your construction site should be very safe when it comes to electricity dangers after applying these steps in keeping your employees safe. It would be nice if these dangers could be eliminated completely but the whole world today relies on electric power and it is essential for every kind of work, living conditions, and it has simply become an essential part of our lives and all we can do is find the proper protection when working with it.

This article is written by Ivan Dimitrijevic, who writes about construction safety plans and tips  for companies like Ensafe Planning Solution – Australia.

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