Have you ever given a thought to what would happen if you wake up dead in the night trembling with a cold? If pulling the covers solves your problem, then there is no issue here. But if the cold is because of furnace failure, what would you do? Even the thought of it makes a shiver run down our spine. We sure would not like to face this furnace breakdown nightmare, especially when you need it the most.

Therefore, to help you face this situation with ease, VVOY Service Hub presents you with few solutions to ensure your furnace works until the right help arrives.

The following are the common furnace problems and the ways to fix them right, provided by the professionals of best furnace repair Brooklyn, NY.

1. Inspect Your Thermostat

This may sure sound funny, but checking the thermostat for its normal function is the most important point during the malfunctioning of the furnace system. See whether it is set on Heat mode and the temperature is set at least five degrees above the room temperature. Replace its batteries with a new one and if there is a presence of dust and debris on the thermostat, gently clean them off. Check its setting whether any person has accidentally programmed it wrong. If everything seems to be on its perfect line, then call the professionals for repair or replacement.

2. Keep the Encircled Area of Furnace Clean

At times, the homeowners are too busy with their daily schedules that they forget the important tip of keeping the encircled area of the furnace system clean and unobstructed. If there are too many things placed next to the furnace, it becomes difficult for the system to function freely and normally.

Homeowners must always keep in mind as to never store flammable substances near the furnace as there are high chances of fire and other significant damages. Always vacuum and clean the furnace area clean and tidy for better performance and operation.

3. Furnace Blower Must Be Oiled Once a Year

Before the arrival of winter, check whether the components of the heating system are fine and operational. The main function of the furnace blower is to draw the heat from the furnace and circulate it all through the house. The life of the furnace system can be extended by ensuring regular lubrication of the furnace blower. It plays a prime role in the functioning of the heating system. Take note to oil the blower once a year. But if you think this will slip out of your mind, contact the professionals of furnace installation and they will do the job without fail. Oiling the system will guarantee no unusual noises and also promise added life.

4. Heating or Rapid Cycling Problems

There are many reasons if your furnace system is constantly turning on and off. It can be because of worn-out or dirty filters or on a serious note issues with belts or blower motors. If the issue is with belts or blower motors, then only a professional can help you fix the problem.

5. Furnace Does Not Blow Air

If the furnace fails to do its basic operation, which is blowing the air, then inspect the furnace window. Check whether it is clean from dust and debris. The flashing light must be green in color as it indicates no trouble. But if it flashes red, then there is a problem with the internal parts of the system or with the blower motor, furnace control board, run capacitor, or in any other parts.

6. Noisy Furnace or Duct Work

Sounds like squeaking, rumbling, and rattling is not normal. It indicates a mechanical problem, clogged burner, or airflow reductions. At times, the furnace will be operating just fine but is making loud noises. It can be because of the air that is running through the ductwork. This problem can be solved by insulating the ductwork, thereby reducing the noises.

7. Inspect the Gas Line

Check the gas line whether it has been closed or switched off. Also, see whether the pilot light is lit. If relighting the pilot light fails, then contact only the professionals and do not proceed with any DIYs.

The furnace system must be annually inspected by professionals as this is the only way where you will be guaranteed a reliable and well-operational furnace system.