London is a heaven for foodies of all types. With so many people of so many different ethnic origins converged in a single place, the city has a palate like no other: and perhaps the jewel in its crown is the Indian restaurant because such restaurants are attributed with diverse features, some of which are as follows:

Diversity in ethnic cuisine

The best Indian restaurant in London, if such a mythical beast existed, would have a pretty strong claim to be the best restaurant in the world. I say if, because in reality it’s almost impossible to sort through all the good Indian restaurants in London and make that kind of call. There are so many different flavours; so many different regional cuisines; and so many different takes on the classics; that naming one single London Indian restaurant as the highest of them all would make a mockery of all that diversity.

Indian Restaurants in London

Variation in street food and fine dining

The food lover can enjoy brasserie style Indian cooking at very reasonable prices; trying some of the best loved street food dishes from the continent in central eateries designed to serve quick., quality food to hungry workers. Or he or she can journey to some of the top Indian restaurants for fine dining, and take his or her time in the exquisite atmosphere of a completely designed eating experience.

Quick dining as well as extended dining hours

In some ways, the best Indian restaurant in London on any given day is the one that suits your time frame. As a city worker, for instance, you might only have an hour where you can pop out for lunch and fortify yourself against the afternoon ahead. In this case, dining quickly and well is the order of the day – so here the really good Indian restaurants in London will work out to be the takeaway places and the lunchtime brasseries.

If, on the other hand, you have an evening to kill and a yen for some really fine food, then the best Indian restaurant in London for your needs is going to be the place where you can kick back, relax, and take in a much more sumptuously arranged series of dishes. Rather than a single curry and accompaniment, which is what you tend to get in a lunchtime brasserie, you can enjoy a series of perfectly crafted takes on classic Indian flavour combinations; or even ask the chef to prepare a special tasting meal for you, highlighting the best that this particular restaurant has to offer.

The difficulty in separating one really good London Indian restaurant from all the others is compounded still further by the fact that in both cases – brasserie style and fine dining style – there are plenty of different options to satisfy your palate. This is particularly true of fine Indian dining – where region, presentation and overall style all influence your meals in different ways.

This is precisely why London is a food lover’s paradise, of course – and why the selection of good Indian restaurants in London is the apogee of your search for lively and entertaining food. There’s never a dull dish and there’s never a dull day – regardless of whether you seek highbrow perfection or the ideal fast-meal.

Serena is a London based food journalist. He loves to spend his leisure time by blogging about the best Indian restaurants in London. He is presently working for Masala Zone.

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