Everyone loves the springtime. The bright sunny weather means it’s an opportune moment to de-clutter. Yes yes, it’s time for spring cleaning. It seems like an onerous task. There’s so much to do, there’s so much to get organised. But with these cost-saving tips, your home will be spick and span in no time.

Garage sale

Holding a garage sale will not only cost you nothing, but may even earn you a few extra dollars. Collect all the junk from the back of closets, pull out the old dresser from storage, and make some cardboard signs. Price everything fairly and you could just be sitting on a goldmine. Take advantage of council clean-up to get rid of any items you couldn’t manage to sell. Did that free up some space?

garage sale


Box it up

Box up some of your old stuff. Follow the footsteps of all those people with houses for sale – South Morang is a real hot spot right now – and pack up some of your old gear into cardboard boxes. The kind of stuff you can’t afford to lose but think you wouldn’t miss too much if they were to sit in storage. Free up some more space to keep all your newest and most prized possessions.

Box it up

Filing and Organising

Take the opportunity to get your house (and your life) in order. That means updating your address book, calling up old friends and maybe even filing. Yes, your home, just like your office could use a good filing system to keep track of bills and other paperwork. Put them in coloured manila folders each clearly marked, so you know exactly what’s in there and where to find them later.

Filing and Organising

Use what you’ve got already

If you’re worried about clutter, don’t go out and just buy some more storage solutions. Check around the house to see if you maybe bought some earlier. Sort out all your magazines, all your books and really think about whether or not you need a new bookcase or if simply rearranging the current one will do. Get creative – if you’re hauling old DVDs into storage, why not use an empty wine case? It’s a thrifty way to get organised.

Getting organised for the warmer months is no insurmountable feat. Anyone can do it, and for free too. It just requires a little bit of creativity, a little bit of ingenuity, and maybe even a little bit of help from the hubby. Now that’s how to really get organised.

Lena Perry is still on the look out for houses for sale – South Morang seems like it might be just right.

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