Mountain biking has become a popular outdoor activity for most people. It is estimated that in the U.S., there are around forty million people who are into mountain biking activities every year. Likewise, more and more people are purchasing mountain bikes for sale in hopes of getting back into shape for good reasons.

Mountain biking is a fun and more exciting way to keep healthy and has the following benefits:

1. Improves Cardiovascular Health

It is a well-known fact that regular exercise will improve heart health. Studies have shown that riding a bike for at least 20 miles per week or at least an hour per day reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by as much as fifty percent. When you ride a mountain bike regularly, your body is using large muscle groups that will require an increased supply of oxygen. The need for increased oxygen will make your heart work faster therefore removing any fat buildup in the heart.

2. Lessens Impact on the Joints

While mountain biking is an activity that will workout your whole body, this activity provides a lower impact on your joints and bones as compared to other aerobic activities such as running or jogging. The sitting position of riding a mountain bike is also designed to lessen the pressure on your back even when you ride for long periods of time.

3. Improves Balance and Coordination

Mountain biking allows people to ride in dynamic terrains. Because one terrain is different from the other, riders will have to adjust to the pitch, elevation, and the texture of the terrain. Keeping a steady ride will improve the balance and coordination skills of mountain bike riders.

4. Increases Brain Cognition

The old adage that a healthy body produces a healthy mind is true with mountain biking. When you increase your cardio-respiratory health by riding your bike regularly, you are also increasing the flow of blood and oxygen into your brain which leads to the regeneration of brain receptors and other brain matter. Regular exercise through mountain biking will sharpen your brain’s cognitive abilities and make you think faster and sharper.

5. Decreases Risk of Getting Sick

Mountain biking strengthens your immune system. Regularly riding your mountain bikes to work also decreases your risk of getting diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Likewise, a study by the European Journal of Epidemiology found out that bike commuting to work significantly reduces the occurrence of breast cancer.

6. Provides a Whole-body Workout

If you think that you are only developing your leg muscles when you ride a bike, then you are wrong. Cycling does improve the muscles of your legs, thighs, and claves; however, mountain biking likewise develops your abdominal and core muscles as you maintain your balance while riding. Moreover, the muscles of your upper limbs are also being developed as you maneuver your turns and keep a solid grip on your handle bars. When you purchase and use one of the mountain bikes for sale, you will no longer need to become a member of a gym to get a whole-body workout.

7. Improves Your Social Life

Mountain biking is more often than not a social activity. People with mountain bikes usually join groups or clubs that often ride together during the weekends. Mountain biking will allow you to form new bonds and friends while staying healthy and physically active.

So, if you are still living a sedentary lifestyle, it is time to purchase one of the mountain bikes for sale and start living healthier.

Author: Helen Harry