Have you ever wondered what moving to Minnesota is really like? This land of 10,000 lakes offers a lot more than you’d think.

Whether you want small-town charm or prefer a bustling city, Minnesota offers you variety and affordability. This state is a hidden gem, filled with festivals, delicious foods, friendly people, and the great outdoors.

Read on to see just why Minnesota is one of the best places to call home.

1. Connecting With Your Community

There is a saying you will quickly learn about Minnesota: Minnesota Nice. This means that you’ll usually be able to find a friendly conversation or even a helping hand around every corner when you move to Minnesota.

The locals pride themselves on hospitality and a Midwestern smile. Compared to other states and major metropolitan cities, Minnesota embraces visitors with a welcoming demeanor.

2. Affordable Living

Throughout the state, you can find affordable places to live, work, and explore! There are several major cities, like the Twin Cities, Bemigi, Duluth, Rochester, and Mankato, that act as hubs.

Want to be near a major city, but still enjoy the charm and natural landscape? Forest Lake is a great example of this, and you can find the perfect accommodations with Forest Lake Apartments to call home.

3. The Great Outdoors

There are numerous state parks in Minnesota, filled with beautiful views, trails, and picturesque waterways to explore. Many Minnesotans embrace the Scandinavian belief that there is no bad weather, just bad clothing.

This means that you will find Minnesotans engaging in outdoor sports and celebrations all year. Try your hand at kayaking, boating the lakes, hiking the bluffs in the Southeast, Nordic skiing up north, fishing with friends, or canoeing the Boundary Waters.

4. The Great Minnesotan Get-Together

One of the most interesting things to do in Minnesota is attending the yearly Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul. Try every food you can think of on a stick.

From art crawls, pub crawls, craft fairs, cultural festivals, outdoor music concerts, and more, the state has something for everyone.

5. Clean Living

Did you know Minnesota has consistently rated in the top 5 cleanest and greenest states within the last 5 years? Take a deep breath and enjoy the beautiful, lush green parks throughout the cities and communities while living in Minnesota.

6. The Food and Drink Scene

Did you know that there are more than 100 different breweries that are based in Minnesota? Many are kid and pet-friendly, have inviting atmospheres, and even have food trucks parked nearby. This is a great way to support local businesses and embrace the Minnesota lifestyle.

Depending on where you visit in the state, you can find diverse cuisine, thanks to the many people who call Minnesota home. Try some wild rice, Swedish meatballs, Ethiopian dishes, or even a delicious Jucy Lucy from Matt’s Bar.

7. A Booming Business Scene

Worried about moving to Minnesota and finding a job? On average, Minnesota has a low unemployment rate of 4-6% and is home to over a dozen Fortune 500 companies, like Target and Best Buy.

Whether you’re looking for a job in marketing, healthcare, agriculture, distribution, the arts, or anything in between, you can find your place here.

Consider Moving to Minnesota

As you can see, there are so many unique and exciting parts about moving to Minnesota. Whether you love the peaceful charm of Midwestern towns or crave the clean, eccentric buzz of major cities, you can find your place in this state.

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