It’s almost time to get your furnace ready for winter (and top off that AC unit in the summer). Furnace tune-ups in Metairie, LA come with a list of benefits. It can save you money, improve air quality and ensure that your system is running at full capacity. So what exactly does a tune-up do? The professional who performs the service will inspect all your components, including your fans and filters, to ensure they’re clean and in good working order.

If you feel a bit anxious about the cost of a tune-up, it’s actually money well spent. You can anticipate a 55 percent decrease in AC repair rates if you’ve had your system tuned up twice per year. Keep your family safe and comfortable by setting up an appointment before the coldest months of the year arrive.

When To Schedule Your Tune-Up?

The best time to schedule a tune-up is in early fall or late summer. That way, you’ll be prepared for winter without any inconvenient system problems arising at the last minute. You’ll also be prepared to start your AC unit right away once warmer weather arrives. It is best to get help from the contractor who performed furnace installation in Metairie, LA if you need more assistance.

How Much Does A Furnace Tune-Up Cost?

On average, you’ll spend around $80-$125 on a tune-up. Keep in mind that this cost is for the materials and time of the professional who performs the service, so it’s money well spent. In fact, the average homeowner who has a tune-up twice per year saves around $200 on AC repairs annually.

If you purchase your fuel from the same company that provides your tune-ups, you’ll likely receive a discounted rate for both services. The company typically offers a 25 percent discount on the fuel and tune-up together as a package deal.

What are the signs to schedule furnace tune-up?

There are a few signs that indicate it’s time to schedule a tune-up:

  • You’re experiencing an abnormal amount of repair work on your system: If your system is breaking down more than it used to, it’s time to get a tune-up.
  • Your system isn’t operating as efficiently as it once was: When you notice that your unit runs longer or louder than usual, ask for a tune-up. Your professional will be able to determine why the problem occurred and fix it to your unit’s optimal performance level.
  • You keep experiencing frequent power outages: If blackouts occur once in a while, it’s not an immediate need for concern. However, if you’re constantly finding yourself without AC when the weather is warm, ask for a tune-up. That way, you’ll have more information on how to keep your system running smoothly.

In addition, don’t feel the need to wait until you see a problem to get a tune-up. The professionals who perform these services can also help prevent unexpected problems from occurring later in the season and provide comfort and peace of mind for your home’s inhabitants throughout the year.

  • Your system is running for extended periods without producing noticeable heat: If your unit is blowing cold air for a long time or not at all, it’s a sign that you should contact a professional immediately.
  • Your system isn’t producing hot water: If your tank runs out of hot water on a regular basis, schedule a tune-up as soon as possible.

What To Expect During A Tune-Up?

The professional who performs a tune-up will take a look at all the following components to ensure they’re in good working order:

  • AC Unit: The professional will examine your unit’s coils, fans, and filters for potential problems. He’ll also clean each part thoroughly to increase efficiency.
  • Furnace: The professional will inspect your furnace and examine any exposed sections of insulation to ensure it’s intact and free of holes.
  • Thermostat: The professional will adjust your thermostat as needed to ensure it’s operating correctly and keeping you within your target temperature range.
  • Ducts: Ductwork should be as efficient as possible, as that’s how air is directed throughout your home. The professional will clean and repair any ducts that aren’t properly functioning or that contain holes or leaks.
  • Heating Unit: This component, which is responsible for warming the air throughout your home, should produce no noticeable sound while it’s running. Like the air conditioner unit, your furnace needs to be free of pain and rust and clean of debris.


While furnace tune-ups are beneficial for many reasons, they’re even more important during the warmer months. If you don’t take advantage of AC tune-ups, your system may break down more often than usual and cause stress on other components within your home.

Scheduling regular tune-ups can help improve your AC unit’s performance throughout the season and ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the warm months. For more information, get in touch with Comfort Masters at (504) 285-9673.

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