The roof is a vital part of any building, whether commercial or residential. It protects the interior and provides stability to the entire structure. And let’s not forget the aesthetic moment, as a good-looking roof is like a cherry on the cake.

When it comes to roofing, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of quality materials and expert work. Installing or replacing a roof shouldn’t be a DIY task, so it’s always best to leave that job to experts. That way, your home will be protected, comfortable, and energy-efficient.

A good choice of roofing material is half the job, and you won’t go wrong if you opt for modern materials, as they have great features. Their choice is vast and depends on many factors. On this link, you can get information about the most frequently used roof coverings.

In recent decades, Colorbond has become a hit among homeowners. These are sheets of corrugated steel in various shapes and colors. That’s not just to make these roofs aesthetically pleasing, but to ensure their resistance to the elements. And the list of Colorbond benefits doesn’t end there.

Great Design

The variety of designs is something that makes Colorbond unique and sought-after. It comes in many colors so everyone can find one for their living or commercial space. Also, there are a variety of styles, that is, different profiles of these roofing sheets.

Colorbond roofs suit both traditional and modern homes perfectly, whether the profiles of these sheets are curved or entirely flat. They can be cut in any shape and installed under any slope. They’re also a great choice for flat roofs, as they don’t retain water, even if the pitch is minimal.

A potential problem that can occur with colorbond roofing is related to the so-called thermal movement. Namely, steel is a material that reacts to drastic temperature changes. So, the sheets may shrink a bit, which. And if they’re not well fastened, that can create holes where water will enter and damage the roof structure.

This problem is prevented with special seals and fasteners that allow the thermal movement of these sheets and prevent them from being lifted by the wind. Installers must secure the system at one end, typically a ridge, to allow for movement at the opposite end.

Lightweight and Durable Roofing

One of the main advantages of Colorbond roofing compared to other materials is weight. For example, compared to a classic terracotta tile, a square meter of this cover is almost ten times lighter. That makes it very easy to handle, transport, and install but doesn’t diminish its quality.

In the case of a roof restoration Melbourne, you can even install these sheets over the existing roof because their light weight doesn’t burden the supporting structures. There’s no need for any specific alterations or upgrades, which makes the installation fast.

Continuous testing shows that this lightweight metal roof is quite durable. It’s resistant to fire, insects, radiation, wind, water, and strong chemicals, thanks to a layer of protective paint. That adds a bit to its price but makes it a good investment overall. With proper installation, a selection of quality sheets, and regular maintenance, Colorbond can last for decades.

It’s Eco-Friendly

roof restoration

Green building has been popular for the last few decades as one of the methods to prevent or at least reduce pollution on a global level. Modern construction relies on recycled materials with optimal use of resources like water or electricity. Colorbond roofing fits perfectly into that concept.

These sheets are made of recycled steel. Apart from that, their installation is simple and creates less construction waste than other roofs. You can also buy prefabricated sheets or order them in the dimensions that suit you. That way, you also minimize waste.

The Colorbond roofing design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ensures minimal energy losses. Plus, it has proven to be excellent for water collection as well. Unlike concrete, steel doesn’t absorb water, and the protective layer of paint protects it from rust. So, this roof is an ideal solution for facilities not connected to the public plumbing network.

Excellent Insulation

Corrugated steel might seem thin and weak, but its insulation features are excellent. Due to low thermal mass, these sheets absorb a minimal amount of heat. Also, the high emissivity of the Colorbond steel has allowed the solar energy to disperse faster and thus doesn’t get inside.

In areas of a warmer climate, Colorbond roofs in bright colors (you can choose between dozens of nuances) can be a lifesaver. These steel sheets don’t absorb heat and cool down fast, which is not the case with regular tiles.

Besides not allowing heat to enter, color-coated roofs don’t let the energy escape. They’re coated with high-reflective paint layers and designed to provide proper insulation and ventilation. In the long run, that provides significant savings in heating and cooling bills.

Minimal Maintenance

Steel is generally not demanding construction material, unlike most others. When used to make Colorbond sheets, it gets a protective color coating. This layer bonds so tightly to the surface that it’s practically impossible to remove. It means that repainting is usually not necessary. Plus, this coating can withstand pressure washing.

Chalking can occur due to many years of Colorbond exposure to pollutants and heavy rainfalls. To avoid this, clean this cover only with water and some mild agents. That removes water stains and deposits of air particles that can damage the protective paint layer. And it’ll be quite enough to wash the roof once, eventually twice a year.

Increased Safety

The great thing about Colorbond is that it’s non-flammable. That makes these roofs a good choice for buildings near forests (risk of forest fires) or in areas with frequent storms (lightning strikes are frequent causes of fires). Also, steel sheets are very light, so the possible collapse of this roof causes drastically less damage than heavier materials such as concrete or terracotta.

Colorbond sheets are multi-layered, meaning they have several protective coatings and a primer whose purpose is to ensure corrosion resistance. So besides being rust-free, your roof will keep its original color for many years (with proper maintenance).

If necessary, you could walk on Colorbond sheets if you’re sure that the supporting construction is stable. The sheets, lapse, and flashing are well attached. Of course, you should adhere to safety measures, such as wearing appropriate footwear and safety equipment for working at height.

Metal roofs have become widely popular in Australia, particularly Colorbond ones. They’re lightweight, durable, and good-looking. If installed and maintained properly, they provide many benefits and great value for money.

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