If you are studying for your maths O level, you may be wondering how you are going to manage to pass. Some schools and colleges don’t help students enough and if you are going to pass your exams you might be looking for some O level additional maths tuition to help get you thought.

Maths tuition is something that is easily obtainable these days and can make a huge difference to your grade and may just be what you need to ensure that you pass your exams.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your maths tuition then you need to be sure that the person is well qualified and has a good track record with helping people in this way. The ideal person to do O level additional maths tuition is someone who is a qualified math teacher and has had lots of experience in teaching mathematics to classes of children over several years.

They will also have had a lot of their pupils pass their math exam and be able to prove that they have helped children improve considerably so that they could pass the exam when previously they may not have done.

Maths Tuition

To be absolutely sure about whether you should employ the person it is always a good idea to speak to people who have been tutored by them in the past. Find out if they thought the tutoring was of a high a standard and was good value for money.

If you aren’t sure whether you can afford a personal tutor, there are other ways of improving your math. There are websites where you can be given additional math tutoring, and do online exercises to test how much you have improved. Some of these sites will also have the option of a personal tutor who can help you learn via a web cam, chat room, pod cast or over the telephone and email.

These websites are often cheaper than hiring a tutor because they tend to teach in groups, or the service you get is more general and less personal. However, you may find that you can still benefit a lot as they may teach in a different way to how you are used to and this will help you to learn more effectively. It may be that you just need more practice in particular sums or mathematical work, and a web site will allow you to do practice questions and will help you understand how they got the answers and where you might be going wrong when you try to do them.

So if you are struggling with your O level math and feel that some extra tuition will benefit you then you can either hire a personal tutor or look online for websites that can help you. As long as you can be sure that your marks will improve and that you will be able to pass your exam at the end of it, then the investment will be well worth while.

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