Most DIY plumbers have at least a collection of basic tools to help them get through plumbing jobs around the house. As time goes along and you become more experienced, you can always add more but here is a selection that belongs in all home plumbing kits.

1. Wrenches

For many people, just thinking about a plumber conjures up images of different wrenches. Indeed, wrenches are a great start for your home plumbing kit. Most DIY plumbers can get by with three different wrenches, including,

With these three, you’ll be able to tighten and loosen virtually any type of nut you’ll encounter for jobs both large and small.

2. Propane Torch

If you need to sweat copper pipes and fittings as part of your project, a standard propane torch is the tool for the job. Of course, if there is even a remote chance of coming into contact with a gas supply it’s probably best to leave this kind of job to a professional plumber.

3. Tongue-and-Groove Pliers

When a plumber needs to grab onto a pipe to hold, pull or tighten something, these are often what he reaches for first. They’re commonly known by the brand name, which is ‘Channellocks.’

4. Metal File

Plumbing is about more than simply fixing clogged drains and stopping leaks. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in a position where it’s necessary to smooth out the edges of metal pipes after they’ve been cut. For this task, a couple of different metal files should have a home in your plumbing kit. Look for a ‘half-round’ file and a ‘rat-tail’ file to cover most of the filing jobs you’ll encounter.

5. Plunger

Every household needs a basic plunger. Whether the clog is in a toilet, sink, tub, shower or floor drain, a plunger can save the day. When using a plunger, the idea is to create a vacuum to pull the clog out, so make sure you have a firm seal before you start plunging away.

6. Hacksaw

Hacksaws don’t look like much, but they are pretty tough and pretty versatile for cutting metal and plastic. Keeping a hacksaw and some extra blades around will enable you to cut through pipe, screws, nuts, bolts and other hardware whenever the need arises.

7. Tube Cutter

A tube cutter is a plumbing tool that resembles a little C-clamp and is used for cutting copper pipe. This tool makes a very clean cut and doesn’t require much in the way of strength or skill to use. Basically, you just position the clamp on the section of copper pipe and twist until it cuts through the pipe.

8. Augers

Augers are very useful tools for clearing out sections of pipe that have been clogged too deeply for a plunger to work. A hand auger and a closet auger should be all you need to clear out the most stubborn clogs you’ll see.

The hand auger works well for tubs, showers, sinks and drains. The closet auger is specifically designed for use in toilets. An auger is often referred to as a ‘plumber’s snake.’

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