Whenever I came across the stated benefits of waking up early in morning, an old proverb which we were taught as young kids comes to my mind “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. And so I decided to change my morning routine once in a while and managed to trick the snooze button and woke up early.

Though I am not sure about its benefit on my wealth and wisdom but, I did feel great mentally and physically while walking amidst chirping of birds and inhaling fresh morning air. Number of vehicles on the road were very limited which meant I could walk around freely without being tormented by the traffic.

Benefits of Morning Walks

Giving a healthy start to the day awakes you mentally and rejuvenates you. The boredom evolved with the feeling of following a monotonously same routine everyday evaporates and you feel alive. Though most of the people prefer to walk while listening to songs on iPods, audio books, etc., I like to relish the quiet time on introspection.

Thus, morning walks can be your mini-meditation each morning which freshens, re-energizes and prepares you well for the day. Furthermore, this article discusses other essential reasons behind the importance of morning walks:

Benefits of Morning Walks

  • 1. Increases metabolism

    Though a 30 min of walk is beneficial but doing it early in the morning has some added advantages. It increases the body’s metabolism such that digestion process increases and calorie consumption becomes higher. It keeps your body fit and mind relaxed. In addition, all the exercise routines begins with walking therefore, opt for morning walks to get some bonus advantages.

  • 2. Outdoor Exercising

    Many amongst you might claim that you walk on treadmills regularly in gyms. But the question here arises, is it equally beneficial? A research has proved that our body requires a more amount of oxygen while working out which we do not get in the stale gym indoors. Therefore, a walk in the open and fresh environment does not just provide us with body fitness but also mental wellness.

  • 3. Increases probability

    It’s a fact! If you make a routine of waking early in the morning for walks than probability of you following the routine is much higher. While we tend to ditch our evening walks with an excuse of the hectic working day, we tend to be more regular on the morning walks. Thus, morning walks do not just have some attractive physical benefits but also psychological advantages over the evening walks.

  • 4. Regulates appetite

    This benefit is overly essential for the ones who have long hours sitting job. Lack of essential body movements messes with the body’s appetite and tends to make you over-eat or under-eat which can be harmful. Morning walks regulates your appetite as your body gets the essential body movements for the day.

  • 5. Increases mind functioning

    Many scientists claim that exercises make mind alert and sharp for the next 4-10 hours. This makes morning walk beneficial as you can utilize this sharpness as against to sleeping, that you’ll do after an evening walk.

  • 6. Need less sleep

    A lethargic day makes you want to sleep more! Thus, if you have a well planned routine where you look forward to walks in morning then your body would require less sleep and you’ll wake fresh and energized. In addition, if you fail to take time out of your routine for a daily walk, you can always wake half an hour early and go for it.

  • 7. Less pollution

    You need to inhale more amount of air while walking but, you are left with polluted air to breathe in the evenings. In the morning air is clean, ambiance is energized which is best to kick-start the day. This would also help you in making a better routine as opposed to hectic mornings where you are struggling to reach Office on time.

While exercising is essential to keep body fit and healthy, it generates a lot of sweat which can even lead to skin infections if overlooked. Proper hygiene is also essential and therefore, make it point to take a bath with an effective “antiseptic soap” after every workout session. Proper exercising Routine along with personal hygiene can work wonders on your body and give a slimmer, fitter and healthier body.

Aydan Stacey is a freelance writer by profession and fitness enthusiast at heart. She mainly covers topics related to health, fitness, Business and skincare Products like antiseptic soaps and Dermology skin brightener cream. She prefers natural remedies over quick fixes and has a list ready with most practical methods.

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