In the UK it is possible to build a log cabin in your garden or on your property without the need for planning permission. Since 2008 the relaxed UK government planning laws allowed us to build buildings with a height of less than 2.5 metres in our gardens without any permission from the local council.

There are a fantastic range of log cabin kits available that fully comply with the planning permission rules.

Here are some of the best uses of a log cabin to extend your garden or property for you and your family.

  • 1. Summerhouse – And a building to your garden where you can sit in the shade, read your book, drink your favourite drink, store your garden furniture, store the kids bikes, and more.
  • 2. Playhouse for the kids – If your kids have outgrown the house why not build their own room in the garden where they can play, meet with their friends, and have their own space in which to grow up.
  • 3. Shed – Log cabin kits are perfect for adding high-quality sheds to your property. Log cabin sheds are far superior to the flimsy cheap buildings you will find at garden centres and DIY stores.
  • 4. Office – if you work from home why not have a separate office building on your property. Having a separate building gives proper separation from home and work life, while still working at home.

Log Cabin

  • 5. Workshop – Having a warm and energy-efficient workshop on your garden is a great way of staying productive year round, having somewhere to store tools and projects.
  • 6. Garage – Build a warm and safe environment to store your cars, motorcycles, boats and more. Log cabin kits allow you to quickly and cheaply build a great warm and dry environment for your treasured vehicles.
  • 7. Games Room – Do you long for somewhere to store a pool or snooker table, or table tennis table? A log cabin kit allows you to build the perfect size building which will be warm and dry year-round and a great place for the family to play games and be together.

Log Cabin Kits

A log cabin kit contains everything you need to build the high quality building in a single weekend. Two people with some DIY experience can build a log cabin kit in a single weekend. The only tools required are screwdrivers, hammers and a utility knife to cut some trim. The kit comes complete with full instructions and all the parts required, which have been manufactured at a high-quality mill using state-of-the-art CNC technology. The kit contains all of the timbers required to build the cabin. The Timbers interlocked together simply and smugly.

This article has been written by Oliver Cortney, the founder and boss of Jolly Log Cabins.  They provide a massive range of high-quality log cabins that do not require planning permission and other timber buildings throughout the UK.  They have an enormous amount of experience providing the perfect buildings for peoples homes.  The provide free delivery to most of the UK.

1 thought on “7 Great Uses for a Log Cabin that Do Not Require Planning Permission

  1. Planning to buy soon a log cabin with Toilet/kitchen/BBQ facilities plus 2 Greenhouse, we do live in Carmarthen South Wales. For this reason we wonder if planning permission is required.

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