When it comes to securing a job, it is usually an uphill task. Thousands of people lose their jobs yearly because they cannot keep up with the current job competition which has proved difficult for everyone. The biggest reason is that we lack the know-how on how to keep our jobs.

Landing a new job is one thing, but securing it is another job we have to work hard on. Several social and job websites like LinkedIn can be used to stand out in a crowd to secure a dream job opportunity.

The following 6 tips can be used in LinkedIn to secure your dream job.

Secure Your Dream Job

1. Maintain a current profile

Maintaining your current own line profile, which becomes a living resume helps to keep you relevant qualities and your qualifications up to date. You should include up to your current job achievements such that if you find yourself trying to secure a job, you will be better placed.

2. Make your profile public

Although privacy is anyone’s security concern, making your LinkedIn profile public gives you a greater chance of landing a more secure job. Privacy settings will make employers miss out on the finest details that would make you miss on your dream job. You should make your profile visible; include all the revenant information about your achievements.

3. Develop a strategy to solicit for strong recommendations

Solicit from a colleague a recommendation that adds value to your LinkedIn profile strengths giving an impression to your possible employer that you are a valuable employee. This is helpful especially if you fell a victim of a job lay off. To secure a managerial job, your former employees may highlight your leadership qualities. Recommendations boost your chances of securing a job of your dreams.

4. Is the company hiring?

Visit a company’s page on LinkedIn and check on a section called “New Hires” which gives you a list of recent employees. If you are interested in securing the same job, ask them how they secured the new job. Examine their backgrounds and compare with your own checking if they are attractive as well to their employer. Information you will obtain will help you update you current profile according to the information they give you.

5. Get in contact with the right Human resource personnel.

This is the most popular job hunting strategy in the market nowadays. People who have a connection to the hiring personnel have a greater chance of being considered. You should therefore find an employee to a company who can connect you to an HR manager, on LinkedIn. if a hiring manager receives your application from a coworker it will attract his/her attention. Research reveals that this technique can increase your chance of landing that job you’ve always dreamt of by over 25%.

6. Create a broad network before it’s too late

This last tip can work best for you no matter how tough the economy might be. Create a versatile broad network on LinkedIn and don’t wait until it’s too late. The wider and more reliable the network you build, the higher your chance of landing your dream job.

Jennifer is a freelance writer that loves to share tips pertaining to social media.

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