Most bedrooms have a dresser. However, they hardly get the attention they deserve. It is crucial to note that a dresser isn’t just a piece of furniture for storing clothes. It also provides additional surface space in your room. So, if you want a place that feels polished and beautiful, this is an essential factor to consider in bedroom design.

The real question is what to put on a dresser and how to style it to ensure a polished look? Well, there are numerous ways to style a bedroom dresser. In other words, there is no one-size-fits-all solution! It is entirely dependent on your requirements.

Is there a television mounted on top of it? Do you require additional storage and organization space? Does the dresser belong in a child’s room? The best dresser setting boils down to your particular style, as well as other factors, including the room’s size, shape, and window location.

The good news is that there are certain general styling guidelines that you can follow to style your dresser. And we are not just talking about dresser top decorating ideas. We are also talking about ideas for surrounding it!

How to Decorate a Bedroom Dresser

There are countless ways to style your bedroom dresser, but when in doubt, it is best to stick to the basic design laws that we will discuss in this blog. These dresser decoration ideas present foolproof techniques that can turn even the most basic, boring dresser into a beautiful yet useful center point of your design.

Continue reading for our top 6 dresser decoration ideas and suggestions on how to arrange your dresser to match your personal style.

1. Television-On-Top Style  

TV on a dresser


When you have a television on top of your dresser or hung above it, we recommend putting low-profile decor on top of the dresser. Consider using short vases and plants, as well as a modest stack of books. You want to make sure that you are not blocking the view of the television. However, including these features into your dresser top helps to integrate the television into the design so that it does not appear to be an eyesore.

If you have placed your dresser in your bedroom and have ample space on both sides, try positioning a full-length mirror next to your dresser for getting dressed. A huge mirror not only makes getting ready and inspecting your outfit a breeze, but it also helps to make your room feel larger—a fantastic trick for small bedroom ideas!

You can also add a chair or a large basket nearby for laundry or extra storage. The addition of a planter on the side of the can also help to visually balance out the entire arrangement.

2. Mirror for a Contemporary Look

Dresser decoration


There are a variety of options for adorning the empty wall space above your dresser, but none are as foolproof as a large, eye-catching mirror. Select a mirror that suits your personal interior design style and hang it six to eight inches over your dresser or vanity.

While you can opt for any kind of mirror, an elegant circular mirror will look especially modern or transitional in style. Here are some other tips that can help you make the most of the mirror on top of your dresser.

  • When installing a mirror over a dresser, the height of the dresser affects how high the mirror is installed. Maintain a 6-inch gap between the bottom of the frame and the top of the dresser when hanging the mirror. This provides a visual break and prevents the mirror from towering over the things beneath it.
  • In interior design, balance is key, and a big mirror positioned above a compact lingerie dresser can throw the whole space off. To establish visual equilibrium, the mirror should be two-thirds or three-quarters the width of the furniture below it. However, if it works in your space, you can go bigger, up to the width of the furniture.
  • You can create balance with intelligent furniture arrangement if you have a large mirror and want to hang it above the dresser. The idea is to line up your narrow dressers, lingerie chests, and other pieces of similar furniture next to each other and consider the group of furniture as a single piece.
  • When hung over furniture, mirrors serve as wall art, but the reflection becomes part of the decor. Be careful where you put your mirror because it will reflect anything in the other direction. Place the mirror in such a way that it reflects another decorative feature of your bedroom, such as a window, artwork, or wallpaper.

3. Freestyle Dresser Decoration Ideas

Dresser with a stereo


Are you looking for an eclectic bedroom vibe? We have the perfect bedroom dresser décor ideas. Try hanging a tapestry on the wall behind your dresser. A tapestry hung above your dresser gives soothing texture as well as a unique aesthetic feature. Another option is to hang aesthetic frames on the wall that go with the décor of the room.

Complete the look by combining it with plants or a tall lamp to add light and give the space an eclectic feel. We also like the notion of arranging your dresser with a hat as a decorative element, which allows you to keep it close at hand for sunny days.

You can also add a hanging garment rack for jackets, hats, and bags, as well as a handy mirror for getting dressed. Set an old-school stereo or speaker atop your dresser to start and end each day with your favorite music. The overall chic and rustic look will add color and personality to your bedroom. This is a great look for contemporary collectors who like to keep it simple!

4. Make the Most of Your Windows

Dresser top decoration


When you have to work around doors and windows, bedroom design can be tricky. If your dresser has a window above it, keep the top décor modest below the window, so it doesn’t impede the view. One easy way to arrange a dresser under a window is to set small, minimalistic style planters with aesthetic plants to add a dash of color to the dresser decoration without blocking the view.

If you are in the mood for a small DIY project, you can place small pots in a candle stand to ensure an uncluttered look. Other options include using small vases, jewelry boxes, and other small and subtle items to complete the look without drawing too much attention from the backdrop.

If the dresser top design is more straightforward, you can add a practical element to the side, such as a stool or storage basket. However, make sure that the item is not taller than your dresser or covers most of the window but simply balances the look of your dresser in contrast with the large window.

5. Use Picture Frames & Arts

Dresser decoration


A huge piece of art hung above your dresser will add individuality and color to your set-up. Combine it with layered decors such as baskets, plants, and a unique lamp. You can also add small or medium-sized boxes or baskets atop your dresser to store jewelry, makeup, and other accessories. Add more storage next to the dresser with woven laundry hampers and other baskets.

You can also use family photographs. They never go out of style! A cluster of one to three subtle photo frames will add charm and nostalgia to your dresser vignette. However, to reduce visual clutter in the room, avoid too ornate frames. Instead, create a seamless, consistent aesthetic by filling your picture frames with your most prized black-and-white images.

6. Go Green

Dresser plant decoration


Plants above the dresser bring a splash of natural texture. This minimalistic style will bring a clean and refreshing vibe to your bedroom. Fresh cut flowers are a simple way to add seasonal flair and color, but low-maintenance fake stems or a dried arrangement can also be used.

Your dresser will have a curated, designer-worthy style. You can also accessorize to experiment with this dresser top decorating idea. However, keep in mind that plants and accessories organized in odd number groupings of three or five establish quick visual balance in the design.


Are you ready to put our dresser decorating ideas to the test? Try the dresser decoration ideas discussed above to create designer-worthy dresser settings in our own homes!

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